VIP Packages

At PEP, we believe in long conversations that address you wholly: sexually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. We believe in building meaningful connections.

Our VIP Packages offer the best savingsInvest in your orgasms with a VIP Package today.

Save $877 Platinum VIP $199924 one-hour calls

Save $330 Gold VIP $999/ 11 one-hour calls

Save $361 Pearl VIP $689/ 10 45-min calls

Save $155 Silver VIP $599/ 6 one-hour calls

Save $116 Sapphire VIP $399/5 45-min calls

Save $66 Emerald VIP $379/5 30-min calls


Please note: VIP packages are for phone calls only, no substitutions allowed. VIP calls may not be broken up into smaller fractions. VIP calls may be used consecutively and with various Ladies! Please note that VIP calls used w/ Sera carry a $50 surcharge.

Seeking a package that's a bit different? We love to customize via a Goldilocks VIP Package that's not too big, not too small ... one that's just right. Call us at 505.796.6464 or send us a message.  Let's make YOUR PEP dreams come true.