PEP's Executive Team

Design Coordinator/ LoveLine Manager
Learah E. Lane brings her keen, artistic eye to PEP, and her skillful talents bring our nascent ideas to stunning, breathing life. She's a professional photographer with a Fine Arts Degree who's most comfortable holding the phone *and* the camera—snapping shots of kink, perversion, and sexual freedom. Learah joined PEP in 2013 as a Phone Lady, and in 2015, she joined the Executive Team. Learah manages our LoveLine, designs our materials, edits our images, and keeps the Ladies of PEP looking spectacular.
Executive Coordinator/ Hiring Manager
Mistress of All Things Analytical, Elaina's penchant for problem solving and penetrating information analysis make her an intense hiring manager. She joined PEP in 2013 as a Phone Lady, and in 2015, came on to PEP's Executive Team. She brings a wealth of sex work and corporate experience to the table. Elaina de la Mer coordinates all of PEP's special projects, heads up hiring, and intimately assists Sera Miles with marketing and publicity. Elaina has yet to meet data she couldn't crunch just right.
CEO/ Owner
As PEP's CEO/ Head Bitch in Charge, Sera Miles takes great pleasure in architecting PEP's long and luscious future. The epitome of a people person, Sera keeps her hands delightfully dirty by working closely with everyone on PEP's Executive Team and staying connected to the Ladies. Sera joined the PEP Phone lines in 2002, began working in the S&M Office in 2007, and has owned PEP since December 2015. She boasts degrees in Theatre and Creative Writing and writes all of PEP's material—from internal memos to filthy stories. Owning PEP is Sera's kinkiest dream cum true.