Frequently Asked Questions

Directly dial the number of the Lady with whom you wish to speak. She will take your payment information, and she will call you back (if you are in the United States). Do take note of each Lady's general availability, and current availability status. 

Leave the Lady a message, and let her know when she can return your call. Our Ladies are careful about your privacy, and thus a PEP Lady will only call you back during the time frame you designate. Make sure you leave your number, and please repeat it twice. Likewise for the LoveLine: leave a message letting us know when we can return our call.

You might also try the Lady again in five to ten minutes. That said, please do not call repeatedly in a short span of time. Use texting or email to touch base with the Lady.

Can't receive a call? You can send us a message here, and we'll reply by email, usually within 24 hours. Most of our Ladies can also receive a  message thru our site. Visit the Lady's page to send your quick inquiry.

YES. Please do be advised that our Ladies will not be able to call you back. You will incur the international phone fees.

The rates to talk with many of our Ladies are: 1 hour = $119 45 minutes = $99 30 minutes = $89 15 minutes = $49

Rates are higher for Sera and Twilight.

Payment is due at time of service. No exceptions.

We are pleased to accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Don’t have a credit/debit card? Please visit your local Walmart, Walgreens, or similar store and purchase a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard gift card. You simply purchase your card by loading it with the amount you wish to spend. This method of payment is completely discreet.

Payment is due at time of service. No exceptions. Please understand that in order to provide you w/ taboo-free conversation, we cannot accept on-line payments.

Due to credit card company regulations, if we were to to take payment on-line, we would not be able to offer you taboo-free conversation, nor would we have the freedom to use whatever images we see fit on our site. Our commitment to providing you w/ taboo-free conversation comes first. Please call, text, or message your PEP Lady to process payment. If you'd like to make special billing arrangements, message Sera Miles. It's our pleasure to talk about every fetish at PEP.

We’re so glad you asked! VIP Packages are the best way to take care of your package. Dial the Lady of your choice, and request one of the following packages:

Save $877 Platinum VIP $199924 one-hour calls

Save $330 Gold VIP $99911 one-hour calls

Save $361 Pearl VIP $689/ 10 45-min calls

Save $155 Silver VIP $579/ 6 one-hour calls

Save $116 Sapphire VIP $399/5 45-min calls

NEW! Save $66 Sapphire VIP $379/5 30-min calls

The more you buy, the more you save! Once you’ve purchased your package, you may call any PEP Lady* to use one or more of your VIP calls. You’ll quickly be on the phone with the Lady of your choice, reveling in your fantasies, each time you place a VIP call. 

*surcharges apply to VIP calls used w/ Twilight or Sera

Customize your PEP experience with a Goldilocks VIP Package. We put together any mix of calls, sexts, and emails into one just right price (though it may be too hot and you may be too hard). Your Goldilocks Package might only include phone calls, or it might include a medley of PEP Connections. Call your PEP Lady and arrange a Goldilocks today. You deserve it.

As PEP Ladies hit career milestones, their prices increase. As of April 2022, Sera and Twilight have different pricing on phone calls, sexting, and emailing.  Our standard prices for 1-hr, 45-min, and 30-min phone calls have stayed steady for over 20 years. We offer great rates, too, vis a vis our VIP Packages as well as specials to celebrate our Ladies' PEP Anniversaries. We're so thrilled you choose us, the Ladies of PEP. 

Currently, PEP charges higher rates to speak, email, or text w/ Sera and w/ Twilight. If you have a standard VIP Package and would like to use a VIP Call w/ Sera, you may do so by paying a $50 surcharge. For Twilight, you may do so by paying a $30 surcharge. You may also book a Goldilocks VIP w/ each Lady, that can be used only w/ her. The Goldilocks VIP allows you to combine phone calls, sexting, emailing, photos, and audio files into one HOT package! 

Many of our Ladies will consider selling personal items or taking specialty custom photos. We require that you complete three paid PEP Connections with your PEP Lady before inquiring about such purchases. When making arrangements, please be mindful of your Lady's time, and discuss while on a PEP Connection, or book a $29/ 10-min Consultation Call. Please also be aware that PEP does not sell items or specialty custom photos; any arrangements you make are solely with the Lady of your choice.

Please call PEP at 505.255.9255 or Nina Rose, PEP's Executive Liaison,  for any questions about billing.

We suggest sending the Lady a message via her PEP page, or sending a text.

You might also call the LoveLine and ask the Hostess to relay a message. Please do not ask another PEP Lady to relay messages to one of her colleagues. 

Here's a site that may help, especially if you're traveling & connecting w/ us. And, here's a reference specifically for the United States. 

PEP is proud to offer conversation with smart, savvy women who are genuinely interested in alternative sexuality. Our Ladies are leaders in their communities, and many have helped fellow perverts out of the darkness of the kinky closet. Sera has founded and/or led multiple groups for alternative folks. Giselle hosts a monthly meet-up for African-American Dommes & Mistresses. Justice holds fun and educational events for and stays active in her local kink community. Our Ladies not only live the lifestyle, they also work within their local communities to create safe, welcoming, and educational spaces for all kinksters.

The Ladies of PEP always welcome you to share your fears and anxieties; your hopes and dreams; your desires and secrets. Call us. Explore.

Absolutely. If you ever have trouble finding a Lady for your fantasy, please call our Loveline at 505.796.6464 or message us. At PEP, we believe in sexual freedom, and we welcome your kinkiest fantasies.