Sexting Package

Wish you could have an ongoing mini-conversation with your PEP Ladies, exploring your fetishes? Looking for a bit of that Girlfriend Experience, Mistress Experience, Mommy Experience ...? Need some post-call after care via text? Can't get enough privacy to call, but need to connect? We understand. Book a Sexting Package NOW—we believe in you getting what you need. Shamelessly. Meaningfully. Thoroughly.


Sexting Package: $79*/ 50 messages

*The # of messages refers to the # sent by the PEP Lady, 50 messages to you. Please discuss any particular requests with your PEP Lady. 

Texts are to be used w/in 50 minutes maximum. Texts cannot be saved. If you'd like to text for an hour or more, please book an a la carte call and ask your PEP Lady to text in lieu of speaking on the phone.

*higher rates apply for Sera and Twilight 

Seeking a package that's a bit different? We love to customize via a Goldilocks VIP Package that's not too big, not too small, not too soft ... one that's just right. Call us at 505.796.6464 or send us a message. 

It is always our pleasure to connect you to the experience of a lifetime.