Sexting Package

Wish you could have an ongoing mini-conversation with your PEP Ladies, exploring your fetishes? Looking for a bit of that Girlfriend Experience, Mistress Experience, Mommy Experience ...? Need some post-call after care via text? Can't get enough privacy to call, but need to connect? We understand. Book a Sexting Package NOW—we believe in you getting what you need. Shamelessly. Meaningfully. Thoroughly.


Sexting Package: $49/ 50* Messages of 2-10 words/ text

*The # of messages refers to the # sent by the PEP Lady, 50 messages to you. Please discuss any particular requests with your PEP Lady.

PEP Ladies Available for Sexting

Ami Mercury 908.391.0668

Emily Lane 567.371.2976 

Giselle Thibodeaux 619.323.6321

Hunter 505.652.7092

J. Nina Rose 505.582.1382

Justice 541.972.3674

Kristyna Dark 702.551.6213

Goddess Reba  765.438.8439

Sera Miles 505.217.6110

Mistress Twilight 503.316.3609

Winter O'Shea 505.305.9467

Seeking a package that's a bit different? We love to customize via a Goldilocks VIP Package that's not too big, not too small, not too soft ... one that's just right. Call us at 505.796.6464 or send us a message. 

It is always our pleasure to connect you to the experience of a lifetime.