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Ami Mercury: the girl you wish had lived next door. She lives the lifestyle 24/7, never judges anyone’s fetishes, and gets off to unique porn herself. You can tell Ami anything. Spankings, enemas, diapers, AB/DL, mommy fantasies, toilet play, feeder fetish, and more keep her on the edge of her wet seat. I’m more a Rhoda than a Mary; more a Velma Dinkley than a Daphne Blake, says Ami. I’m that nerdy girl in your Algebra classseemingly innocent, but hiding naughty, dark secrets within. I do all the freaky things that the cheerleaders wouldn’t.

Just how freaky does Ami get? She’s the self-proclaimed “Diaper Queen,” and has spent the last few years helping fellow diaper lovers come out of the closet and embrace themselves. She delights in dressing up as a clown—or “forcing” someone else to paint their face and don a squeaky red nose. Your taboos are safe with Ami. I love extreme fantasy and being over-the-top, she notes, but I’m also down-to-earth. I’m a regular person who does my best not only to understand all fetishes, but also to understand the people who enjoy them. Got a thing for teeth, or spit? Entranced by the scent of filthy socks? Like your smothering specifically from a fat-bottomed girl in blue jeans? Ami gets it. She’s been producing content for purveyors of rare and other-worldly porn for several years, and now she’s available to talk and explore with you here at PEP!

Let out your inner child. Explore your most feminine side. Become the puppy, kitty, or even alien creature within. Ami’s got a thing for sci-fi, and she’s down to talk about your favorite TV shows, tales, books, and movies, and how they’ve influenced your rich and private inner world. The possibilities within transformation stretch through the solar system and beyond, and with Ami, you have express permission and encouragement to shift, embody, and become—in countless ways.

Ask Ami for what you want, and you shall receive. She loves teaching men, sissies, and pain sluts how to jerk off for her pleasure (aka JOI); her ample vocabulary will keep you humiliated and whimpering (aka SPH); and her mouth is as happy to worship your cock, as is your mouth to worship her creamy behind. Speaking of your whore-mouth, need some guidance to fulfill the cum-eating fantasy you’ve long harbored? Ami Mercury will steward you through swallowing and relishing that refreshing money shot!

Travel all the way within, to the most mercurial parts of your inner sanctum, with Ami. Ami often journeys to kink conferences, where she assists Dr Clockwork in selling medical oddities and electrical pleasures, teaches classes, and demo bottoms (with that luscious bubble butt). Ami’s well-educated in distinctive fetishes, the incredible kink community, and building meaningful connections. In her personal time, as a romance writer and artist, Ami shares her creativity via the page and the canvas, and in so doing, helps other kinksters and dreamers feel less alone. Ami practices utter honesty about her own kinks—from messing her diapers to craving beastly creatures who ravish her. Isn’t it time you unleashed the gnawing monster within, and fulfilled that throbbing hunger? Call Ami. Get full.  

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