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Surrender to Sera. Her imagination and silken voice will take you on an unparalleled mind vacation. We can go anywhere, says Sera, from the sandbox of childhood to first-class seats en route to romantic Paris, earning our Mile High Club badges. Explore everything from sex to kink, simple spankings to brutal tongue lashings. At its most distilled, Sera’s fetish is power. She gets wet when you submit to her will. Pushing you just past your limits while withholding access to one of your supreme pleasures (Sera’s ass? Her fingernails on your cock?), that delicate dichotomy turns Sera Miles on. Yield to her feminine prowess.

Call Sera “Mommy,” or “Mistress,” or “Ms Miles” – titles aren’t, to Sera, as important as the dynamic itself. She’s your superior, of course, but also your confidante, armed with the compassion you’ve long needed, and she’s genuinely interested in fetishes extreme and whimsical, common and rare. Crave role play that toys with the shame you carry, scoldings so severe you cry fat, hot tears even before Mommy Sera pulls down your underpants? Got memories of enemas and rectal temperature takings that still make you squirm? Sera’s on it.

Degrading, emasculating words drip out of Sera’s mouth like honey. Got a thing for blackmail fantasy? Sera’s deft imagination and shrewd ability to assess and poke at your most precious insecurities will scare you. Humiliating you in the name of pleasure is Sera’s favorite kinky game. Get taken down many notches—artfully, sensually, sadistically. Become Sera’s cocksucker, whipping boy, bad baby, toilet, fuck-doll. Play as Sera’s lover, prized slave, good boy, pretty doll … Get used so intensely you forget who you are. Disappear into the magical fantasy worlds Sera’s rich vocabulary and theatrical voice create.

Escape into secret realms with Sera, where you’re ultimately exposed and safe simultaneously. Lady-boys, Sera will teach you the secrets of being a diva. Age players, Sera will take you back to childhood with such precision, you’ll experience a renewed sense of being. Sera Miles’ beauty and power enthralls and ensnares, for she’s the cunning bitch of your most depraved and erotic fantasies. Kink, says Sera, is generally an expression of anxiety. Let it go with me. I have no taboos, I discard shame. You can feel better, if you let it all out.

Like many Dommes, Sera began her BDSM journey as a submissive. She intimately understands pain, suffering, fear, and power. Skilled and experienced, Sera knows how to take you deeper into submission, masochistic ecstasy, servitude, and more.

I’ve been kinky my whole life, says Sera. My career began in 2001, when I appeared in spanking and anal fetish videos. In those days, it was usually my rear end that got set on fire! I started taking calls at PEP in 2002, and in 2007, after finishing my MFA in Creative Writing, I joined the office staff; that journey led me, on Dec 8, 2015, to become PEP’s CEO. Through it all, you all have kept me going—your trust in me, I cherish it.

Thank you, dear PEP callers, for choosing me and PEP. I wake every day excited to hear from you, to explore the treasures in the attic of your erotic mind. If we’ve never spoken, may this be our year. If it’s been a bit, let’s catch up. And if we talk often, trust: I always want to hear more and take you deeper. Let’s play! You deserve it.

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