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Feb 18, 19, 20: Sporadic
Feb 21: 1pm - 6pm MT
Feb 22: 10am - 3pm MT
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Not sure if you want to fuck her or be her? Sera Miles gets that reaction a lot—from men and women, losers and cocksuckers, dominant gentlemen and flexible sadomasochists. Lucky you: Sera revels in talking with people from all avenues of kink, fetish, and BDSM. Her conversations are taboo-free, she readily moves from top to bottom and beyond in fantasy, and she firmly believes that everyone has the inherent right to sexual freedom.

Sera’s career in sex work began in 2001 as a spanking video starlet. In those days, Sera usually got her behind blistered and rectal temperature taken. These days, Sera’s more often on the giving end of the proverbial wooden spoon—though she admits an occasional bottom-warming keeps her ego in check. In 2002, Sera joined PEP, where she quickly grew enamored with her callers. I live for the moment someone really opens up to me, says Sera.

For nearly two decades, Sera Miles has made men drool, weep, and beg. Her beauty enthralls and ensnares, for she’s the cunning bitch of your most depraved fantasies. Humiliating, emasculating words drip out of Sera’s mouth like honey. Her sensual, melodic voice demands you listen as she cuts you down to size. Concerned you’ve gotten too big for your britches? Call Sera. She’ll take care of that. Got a thing for blackmail? Sera’s deft imagination and shrewd ability to assess and poke at your most precious insecurities will thrill you. Is your masculinity fragile? Sera takes weak men’s egos and smashes them into smithereens, just like you’ve always needed.

Perhaps it’s your slutty side that needs attention? Sera adores teaching the art of seduction. Develop your feminine wiles under Sera’s fine tutelage. Perfect your blowjob skills. Become Sera’s porno hussy. Get your holes stuffed and your eyebrows waxed. Don’t complain, Sera laughs heartily, beauty is pain. Whine too much and Sera’s fist up your rear or paddle on your upper thighs will give you something to cry about!

Slide into any realm of fantasy with Sera. She takes every role in role play all the way, and her favorites include Enema Nurse, Seductive Auntie, Cruel Teacher, Wicked Stepmother, and Loving Mommy. Journey back to childhood or infancy with Mommy Sera. You need to be nourished, cradled, and beheld with joy. Sera particularly loves helping people explore the terrain of their childhood in the safe space of erotic fantasy. You can tell Sera anything. She’s here to listen and guide you through speaking your truth.

Inspired by her callers and PEP’s rich history in support groups, Sera began focusing on sex activism in 2008. She regularly teaches and speaks at national and regional conferences, local hotspots, and at universities across the Southwest.  In 2016, Sera became PEP’s Owner and CEO—or as she likes to call it, “PEP’s Head Bitch in Charge”! I am proud to note that many folks have spoken with me regularly for fifteen years, Sera says. I cherish their vulnerability and trust. Call Sera and tell her your story. She’ll weave the wonderful web of your fetish dreams. 

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