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2019:  Go All the Way w/ Goddess Giselle

Goddess Giselle doesn’t surrender. You can’t overpower her. You’ve been searching for this (heretofore elusive) powerful woman your whole life. The Female Dominant who never kowtows to your masculine size, shape, or prowess. The Woman-in-Charge you can’t cajole into doing what you really wanted in the first place. Welcome to your dreams cum true—and to more than you can ever chew.

Brush your teeth, wash behind your ears, and don that business suit. Goddess Giselle’s got a fondness for a man dressed to impress and ready to worship, serve, and train. Mix it up and wear heels with your slacks or panties underneath. Keep in mind that Giselle loves corsetry, and corsets are NOT only for women. Be exactly who you are, presented with polish. You’re safe. Tell Giselle everything. Your fetishes and desires won’t scare her; in fact, goth-girl Giselle relishes a darker aesthetic. I see the beauty in darkness, she says, and I can be the person who both holds hands and laughs with you at the funeral. Put your old self to rest. You’ll be born anew, in submission, with Goddess Giselle.

I’m that Apex Predator, and you may be the alpha male. But guess what? I’m the BIGGER Apex Predator. Women are superior—I know it, you know it—and with me, you become prey, notes Giselle. I don’t wrestle for control. I take it. She’s the Black Widow Spider. The Queen of the Jungle. The Commander in Charge of Giselle’s Army of Kink, and she always seeks new recruits. Can you drop and give her 20? (Push-ups are cute, but sucking 20 dicks is so much better. Be creative. Tell Giselle how you’ll give her 20.) One fetish at a time, one fantasy at a time, Giselle wants to know you inside and out. Into freaky shit? So is she.

Curious as to what the Goddess’ fetishes are? She’s got a thing for robotics; think sex dolls, fucking machines, dollification meets fembot utopia. She’ll transform you into a walking vibrator that responds immediately to the command, “Do me.” Giselle gets wet for a man in uniform—especially one ready to relinquish his authority. Sissy cucks who dream of chastity get Giselle’s motor running, and her engine wants to fill all your holes, with her BBC (which is bigger and more durable than your prick), fist, and the occasional gentleman caller. Goddess Giselle’s fist will teach you about your body, including how she can steal your orgasm via prostate milking. Controlling your cum, cock, and orgasm thrills Goddess of Freedom, Control, and Power Giselle, so she’s naturally got a thing for castration. I see chastity and castration as linked, she says. Lock it up, and when Spring rolls around, and I’m immersed in Spring Cleaning, I follow the old adage: if you haven’t used it in a year … Snip snip!

Good old-fashioned spankings, especially from your mean aunt or that stern high school guidance counselor, delight Giselle’s hand and lap. She loves service submission, meaningful conversation, and light-hearted role play. As a straight up straight woman who sincerely loves MEN, the sounds of orgasm, and power exchange connection, Goddess Giselle loves toying with your junk! A little CBT spices up masturbation, doesn’t it? And speaking of masturbation, you’re probably not surprised to read that Giselle’s got a thing for masturbation schedules.

Exploring your sexuality, delicious body, and sweet pain coupled with intense pleasure is Goddess Giselle’s forte. You’re the Alice in Giselle’s Wonderland, sliding down the Rabbit Hole, guided by a fierce woman whose firm nurturing allows you to grow into and inhabit your most primal, heartfelt self. Giselle will invade your mind, possess your spirit, and control your cock. It’s not ownership with me, she says, it’s possession. The sound and smell of your fear intoxicates me.

Ready for that wickedly creative mind-fuck?

Enlist in Giselle’s Army of Kink. She harbors no taboos, she practices radical honesty, and she’s that just-right kind of intimidating. Take a deep breath and look down the Rabbit Hole—there’s Goddess Giselle, smiling back at you, warmly accepting you as you are.

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