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Dress up in Mommy Ami’s lingerie, get diapered, ask naughty Ami about her last bottom warming! Become enemamates, or mutually masturbate while talking incest role play, foot worship, & more. I love sensuality, & I treasure the taboo kinks that keep you on edgesays Ami. I’ve embraced my “weird,” so to speak, & I want YOU to feel at home w/ your kinky self. Call me!  

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Feel helpless? Full of lust? Perfection. As your cock engorges & blood throbs thru your kinky veins, you’ll be putty in Alex’ savvy hands. She’ll toy w/ you, flirt & play w/ you, then guide you into such intense orgasms, you’ll glide into scintillating dreams of more. Alex’ kinky interests are vast & always multiplying. Call & explore together. Alex wants YOU to feel at home in your body, hot, & a little breathless—with her.



The more sincere your submission & respectful your approach, the higher you can fly into masochistic subspace w/ Goddess Reba. You’ve always known that women are your superior. Explore the heart of your servitude, worship her glorious curves, bask in her dominance … Goddess Reba’s School for Hard Boys will whip you into shape—the old fashioned way.   



Looking for something sweet? Feeling flirty? Get intimate w/ Goddess Vivian. She dares you to tell her all your secrets. She knows you need to be encouraged, then pushed into full submission. You’ve been seeking a fresh, entrancing deity. Get hypnotized. Build your endurance. Explore every fetish under the sun, then find your place at Goddess Vivian’s feet. You deserve it. 



Pegging brings out the beast in her. Tea service brings out the prim & proper. No subject is out of bounds w/ Justice, from CBT to whips, the poetry of Poe to incest role play. She listens closely, crafts delectable sentences, & metes out just desserts. Get sentenced, get milked, beg for mercy. Feel the long arm of Justice in all your holes.  



In or out of costume, under bright lights or silky sheets, Miss Quin’s love of anal pleasure, masturbation, & strap-on sex pulses unabated. Learn how to eat your own cum w/ zest, open your butthole, & stretch your ability to stroke & edge, w/ the inimitable Miss Quin as your guide. Delve into limitless role play, strut your stuff! Take a mental vacation w/ Miss Quin. You need it.   



Lose your virginity all over again w/ sexual maven Nina Rose. Capture those languid days of youth, feel the sweat bead on your skin as Ninas sweet voice teases & entices you, entreats you to get naked & nasty. Play naughty brother/ sister games, take it up the butt, ask Nina dress you up into the femme fatale you're dying to be ... ready to get wild? Call! 



Got a quick question? We got answers. New to PEP? We're so glad you're here! A few minutes on the LoveLine is always complimentary - call us. You deserve it.



Grab your testicles, boys, cause once you’re in Goddess Giselle’s clutches, you’ll be in for the ride of a kinky lifetime! Explore anal fisting, transformation (incl objectification & bimboification), CBT, bastinado, castration, luscious ass worship, and so much more. Need a 100% Dominant Black Mistress to take you down? Tickle those family jewels and call Goddess Giselle.   

On Vacation


Find balance w/ Kristyna Dark. The darkness within, she notes, also comes with the light—the more carefree parts of ourselves. Let your fantasies roam from the tantalizing beauty of death to the spine-tingling fun of pony play. Get teased to the extreme & get your extremities tickled. Stretch into a play bow, shake your rump, & romp thru your erotic mind w/ Kristyna Dark.

On Vacation

Cum back OFTEN to see what's next! The Ladies of PEP are here for you. New decade, new Ladies, new energy. Indulge in your fantasies. If not now, when? 

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