Work with PEP

PEP is open for applications!

We are looking to hire one Lady to start on January 2nd. We generally require that Ladies guest star first, for a maximum of 90 days, then take 2 to 3 months off before joining our team as a Leading Lady.

We will also be looking to hire a new Lady to start in late March/ early April.

To be successful at PEP, you will need to have a minimum of 35 hours of availability per week during your first few years. Please know that we expect 24 hours of call availability per week at a minimum. We are a small, boutique, tight-knit group that relies on each other to serve our clientele, many of whom have been calling PEP since the 1990s - yes, even the very early 1990s.

To work with PEP, you must:

  • be willing to use actual photos of yourself
  • be willing to have a separate phone line that is *only* for PEP use
  • have some sex work experience OR impressive (10+ years) BDSM or D/s experience in your personal, community, and/or educational life arenas
  • be open to talking about most fetishes
  • be open to conversation about nearly anything

Pls do not contact us if anything in this short list is a deal breaker for you.

If you feel you are the right fit for PEP, we want to know! We look forward to receiving your interest form. 

Feeling ready? Send us your interest form.


What do the Ladies of PEP say about working w/ PEP?

"I had heard great things about PEP from my friend Ami who has worked there for a number of years and I finally took the leap of faith and applied. The work is much more hands on than I was used to and I was a little nervous about the large responsibility of taking payments directly from customers rather than the third party that webcam sites and clip sites have. Because of that procedure, though, I am allowed much more creative freedom with clients than anywhere else and that is the boost that I needed to fall back in love with my work all together. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with PEP and look forward to the magic that future clients will create with me and the other Ladies." - Miss Quin

“Working with PEP has been wonderful for my SWer career. Having a team of talented Ladies that want everyone to thrive AND the clients to become happy, loyal customers has been eye opening for all ventures in my life. At PEP, the team is supportive, kind, and HELPFUL. I never feel ignored or unseen as many independent contractors in our field do. Sera Miles has rebuilt a phenomenal company that continues to grow and flourish. Happy to start my 4th year with the company.”  - Nina Rose 

"I've worked for PEP now for two years and I can say it's been an amazing experience. In past experiences, working with other women made for a competitive, almost hostile environment. PEP Ladies are supportive and encouraging of one another. Being a Leading Lady of PEP has given me a sense of community that I had lost long before the pandemic. As a traveling model I meet a lot of people but rarely get to really know them.  With PEP I get the chance to connect with our clients on a deeper level and I love it.  Each time I learn more about them I learn about myself. It's been an incredible ride that I hope to stay on for a long while." - Kristyna Dark