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Ami Mercury

Dress up in Mommy Ami’s lingerie, get diapered, ask naughty Ami about her last bottom warming! Become enemamates, or mutually masturbate while talking incest role play, foot worship, & more. I love sensuality, & I treasure the taboo kinks that keep you on edgesays Ami. I’ve embraced my “weird,” so to speak, & I want YOU to feel at home w/ your kinky self. Call me!   $70/ 30-min Anniversary Special! Book often thru 01.01.21.

I asked Sera if she could do a birthday call with me, she said yes and I will blister your bottom. Sera is a real true disciplinarian, she does not give a fun and playful birthday spanking, I found that out. A real disciplinarian like Sera will only give you a spanking that will really hurt and she will make sure of that. I have a very sore bottom today, but I am also happy that Sera is the way she is when it comes to giving out real discipline.