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Call PEP to explore spanking, bondage, cross-dressing, cock and ball torture, anal play, slave training, humiliation, role play, AB/DL, age play, feminization, enemas, extreme BDSM, and more. Anything goes! Are you dominant, submissive, a fetishist, kinkster, slave, human pet? Are you bi, pansexual, gay, lesbian, straight? Are you transgender, a girlie-boy, gender queer, flexible and curious? PEP welcomes YOU to explore ALL your desires.

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Sera Miles

Artful cruelty, blackmail fantasy that feels real, and exacting role play (incl age play) are a few of Sera’s favorite things. Need to feel small, used, taken, cut down? Prepared for well-deserved punishment—humiliating, excruciating? Dirty words sound even sexier cumming out of a pretty mouth. Listen to Sera Miles. You deserve it. 

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