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Lola D

Lola D's got Southern charm, city smarts, & a penchant for pillow talk. I've always had a dirty mind, she says. I adore sharing erotic tales of my escapades. I want to know what makes you  tick, so I can dive into what makes your genitals twitch! Get spanked, teased (& denied), pegged, cuck'd, & so much more w/ Lola D. Feel your balls tingling? Lola wants to hear all about it - call! 

How well Mistress Giselle trained me and punished me for messing up and being a bad boy. She got my butt so red and I enjoyed her punishment so much and to feel pain for her was so good. This Lady knows her stuff so very well, I would recommend her to anyone. She is so amazing and there is no other like Giselle, and I look forward to pleasing her again on my knees.