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General weekday availability is 9am to 1pm EST.
I may sometimes be on a little earlier or later.
I will be out Friday the 26th - the 4th of July for vacation.

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Emily wiles away her days in lingerie, stroking her silk stockings and talking with men about her juicy cunt. Her pussy needs stimulation. Got some? Dreamt of a horny housewife who understands your sexual desires—including the ones you’d never tell your wife or girlfriend? Get the ULTIMATE girlfriend EXPERIENCE with Emily. No judgment. Raw sexuality. Talk pussy licking, anal worship, and tease and denial. Listen to Emily moan as you describe how you’d taste, suck, and treat every pink and pulsing part of her body. Imagine your flesh against hers, her black hair sweeping across your back as she fingers your winking slut-hole … Put simply: Emily loves men, and she needs cock. Hard cock she refuses to let cum. Soft cock she coaxes to tumescence. Dick in her mouth. Doc Johnsons in panties.

Controlling your rod exhilarates taboo-free Emily. Blowjobs might seem like submissive acts, but I feel powerful with a dick in my hands or mouth, smiles Emily, because that guy will do ANYTHING I ask … Ready to learn the art of cocksucking? Emily adores teaching the ins and outs of how to weaken a man with an orgasm so intense he forgets his middle name. Perhaps you’re not the type to kneel and suck dick? Well. Emily’s penchant for forced bi, combined with her powerful dominance, will turn your mouth into a cum-bucket. It’s only humiliating every time. If you’re lucky, sometimes it’s even degrading to suck dick for your Mistress’ pleasure.

Maybe your prick isn’t worth sucking, or being ridden by horny MILF. Does your weak willy need a cage? Emily’s aching to grow her collection of keys. Do ask Emily about her real-life cuckolding experiences, and imagine Emily in stunning new lingerie that you, her cherished cuck’d subbie, bought—for her to wear when she gets fucked by real men with stallion cocks. The more jizz she receives, the more you’ll get to lick out for dessert. Down the hatch—yummy, yummy.

Emily loves subverting expectations and situations. Wish you understood the roots of your fantasies? Want to explore the hidden terrain of your desires? Open up to Emily. Some say I’m hyper-analytic, she notes. I love deconstructing our erotic wishes. The human psyche, the interplay of memory and self, the subconscious and superego, keep Emily on the proverbial edge of her fine, round ass. To every conversation, she brings the nurturing kindness of a mommy-domme coupled with the sharp intelligence of a woman who constantly seeks to expand her knowledge of sex, men, fetishes, and more. Want to know yourself better? The darkest corners of the mind don’t rattle Emily. She wants to know YOU, all of you.

Need to turn the clock back sometimes, to explore the child within, guided by that eternal, elusive, immaculate mother-figure? Take Mommy Emily’s hand, and rest your head on her bosom. Sissies, let out your inner girlie-girl, and coo as Mommy dolls you up in frilly diaper covers, patent leather shoes, and dresses fancy enough for Easter Sunday. (Psst Emily loves religious role play—nuns and priests, sacred rites, sacrilegious rituals, and more! Emily’s spirituality is deeply important to her, and she thus approaches religious play with a compassionate and intellectual point of view.)

The classic high school rebel—the one who scared, intimidated, and intrigued you—turned tattooed soccer MILF, Emily connects with kinksters and perverts from virtually every realm of BDSM and fetish. Steaming hot sex talk is what keeps horny housewife, near-nymphomaniac Emily going. Share your stories. Get heard. Get real. Get it on NOW with Emily.


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