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**I'm not evil, I'm the apple on the Tree of Knowledge**
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Justice was born a kinky sex freak. Before she had words to express the concepts of sexual dominance and submission, she was fascinated by them. Today, this smoldering siren is best known as a whip-wielding single-tail top, a power player, and a community organizer and educator. She hosts kinky play parties with an emphasis on sex positivity and inclusivity, and teaches or facilitates classes on everything from toy making to erotic massage to D/s. Justice knows that everyone with the need deserves to have a good and plentiful sex life, and that everyone benefits when folks are happy, healthy, and fulfilled in this vital way. Having spent a good bit of her own life exploring the world’s offerings, Justice is now on a mission to help others explore too (it's only fair!)and she would love to be your guide. She is a renaissance woman or a jack of all trades, depending on your perspectiveher incisive mind will engage you for hours. Ask her about history, literature, baseball, economics, blacksmithing, music, biology, or anything else, really. Try her. She’ll wax philosophic, poetic, and if you’re a good boy, erotic …

Talk with Justice about your most depraved fantasies. A switch at heart, Justice relishes power exchange, which she affectionately dubs her “biggest, baddest oldest kink. It may actually be a fetish for me,” she notes, “in the clinical sense of the wordI can’t really get turned on without it.” Justice’s pet kinks include tease and denial, prostate massage and milking, strap-ons, cock and ball torture, role play (of all varietiesfrom incestuous to fantastical!), and consensual non-consent. Mind-fucks, kidnapping scenarios, and take-downs thrill this perverse, whipsmart player. Curious? Want to explore how a man might shift from hum-drum middle-American life to becoming owned, branded, and ritualistically disciplined slave-property? Call Justice. There are no limits to her mind’s playground.

She’s been described as “the sweetest bull that's ever been in a china shop,” and as having the ability to freeze a target in their tracks, like an eagle freezes a rabbit. She is, by turns, intensely focused, and then soft and forgiving: she knows how to wreck you and put you back together, and she can do it, as we say, from either side of the slash. D/s is a powerful, heady drug, but in the end, it sharpens the mind. Know Justice. Know peace.

Justice knows well from her own life experience that power exchange is an excellent method for self-expression and self-exploration. Everything she givesfrom spankings to crafted cum control, she’s open to taking, as she switchesonly fair, right? Her dominance will carve away your impurities, strip your pretensions, and finally expose the reality of your deepest wants, leading you to the best and most satisfying version of both your desires and your soaring self. The surrendered will can be the gateway to life changing experiences: Penance. Catharsis. Absolution. Grace. Once you have passed through your trials, Justice may even choose to show you mercy.

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