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 “I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art. And this is the only immortality you and I may share …”   -Nabokov, Lolita

Secrets are powerful, and Justice not only eats them for dessert, she licks every morsel off her fingers. Disclose yours. Justice loves to play in the dark corners of your mind, and she relishes traipsing into those heretofore clandestine spaces, hand-in-hand with you. With Justice, you’ll strip yourself of all pretensions. I’m not one for protocol, she says. I believe in content over form in nearly every case, and that includes kink. One exception? Afternoon tea. If you want to entreat yourself to me, ask how to make and serve me tea …

Imagine yourself in gloves and hat, sipping tea with your Mistress—whilst in your bottom, a vibrating plug goes to town. Imagine confessing your most carnal desires, whilst Justice stirs her steaming cuppa, then rewards you with a delectable sugar cube on your outstretched tongue. Imagine giving in to your need for masochistic agony, under Justice’s whips* and sjambok and canes … All that you imagine, Justice’s incisive mind and sharp imagination will bring to life in language.

Travel back in time with Justice, and imagine growing up Sissy. Transformation comes in many forms, and Justice can lead you into delightful romps with the older sibling you wish you’d had. She might make you dress up and twirl for her fancy prep school friends. Will you cry when Justice tucks your bits & primes your holes? Let it out. In the mind, anything can happen. Justice has a penchant for role play, and together, you can explore every stone unturned, from birth to adulthood. Get precocious. Show her yours! Dive in with both feet, or breathe deeply as Justice leads you via guided meditation/ relaxation. Mental stuff, so to speak, used in tandem with impact play can relieve stress, and can even lead to cathartic breakthroughs, notes Justice. It’s one of those things that’s humbling for the top, when it happens.

Justice is a switch in every sense of the word—ready to play from either side of the D/s slash, prepared to meet you right where you are. Justice relishes power exchange, which she affectionately dubs her “biggest, baddest, oldest kink.” It may actually be a fetish for me, she adds, in the clinical sense of the word. I can’t really get turned on without it. Justice’s sandbox is a judgment-free zone, where you can be anyone, grappling with every memory and desire. Sometimes, a man needs to be humbled, taken down—and Justice understands: that need, for some men, can be scary to voice. You’re safe with Justice.

Need that virile animus energy from a woman? Justice has three words for you: Bend over, baby. She loves penetration in its many forms, but when it comes to pegging, she says, My brain takes a backseat, and my primal brain gets to drive, and it drives full throttle, pedal to the metal, balls to the … When I bury my strap-on inside someone, I feel consummately powerful. A good old fashioned pegging will hit that anal g-spot and take you deeply into submission. Think of it as a pressure point hit just right, signifying SURRENDER. I use pressure points at opportune moments, says Justice. Being able to cause a few seconds of intense, unexpected pain is a quick way to focus the mind of your bottom … It’s particularly effective with big, burly submissive types.

Justice believes that everyone with the need deserves to have a good and plentiful sexual life. Her life experiences have taught her that power exchange is an exceptional method for self-expression and self-exploration. Explore with Justice CBT, crafted cum control, bestial impulses, sensual impact play, role reversals, castration, sissy training, wax play, extreme sadomasochism, rough sex, and untamed desire. Her dominance will expose the reality of your deepest wants, for the surrendered will can be the gateway to life altering experiences: Penance. Catharsis. Absolution. Grace. Open up. Justice may even show you mercy.

*Click to learn about the most exquisite whips ever made. Justice has one. Try not to touch yourself whilst she describes it to you. A lil self control can go a long way ;).

New to whips and curious? We were all new at some point—ask Justice about her first single tail experiences.

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