Goldilocks VIP Package

You’re a busy man. You want to dive right into your PEP conversation, when you want it—when you need it. Sometimes you want to talk, perhaps for an hour or more. Sometimes, you need to exchange a few naughty sexts. Other times, you need to express yourself through email—and you crave your Mistress' heartfelt response. You crave a special photo of her, or to hear her voice, in a message she records for your ears only. We get it. You need to connect, your way.

Call your PEP Lady, or message our Executive Team, to set up your Goldilocks VIP Package*. We'll craft a package of connections that's not too small, not too big—that's just right. (Warning: your package may be too hot & too hard.)

Plus: we can accept a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card and keep the entire arrangement anonymous. Or, we can send you regular receipts and reach out to you as often as you’d like, with updates on your usage.

Let us take care of you. You deserve it.

It is always our pleasure to connect you to the experience of a lifetime.

*Minimum purchase = $349