Connections & Rates

Phone Calls a la Carte

   $119/ 60 minutes    $99/ 45 minutes   

$89/ 30 minutes    $49/ 15 minutes Extension rates are slightly lower.

Rates are higher for select Ladies.

Rates to speak w/ Sera.

VIP Reservation: $29 reserves the 30 minutes prior to your phone call or reserves your time outside of your PEP Lady's scheduled hours

New-to-You Phone Call: $59/ 30 minutes, the very first time you speak with each Lady Special extension rates available, too, on your first phone call w/ each Lady.

Consultation Call: $29/ 10 min connect before and between fantasy calls, make arrangements, ask that handful of questions


Connection Packages

Sexting Package: 50 text messages of 5 - 15 words each, from your PEP Lady $79

Texts are to be used w/in 50 minutes maximum. Texts cannot be saved. If you'd like to text for an hour or more, please book an a la carte call and ask your PEP Lady to text in lieu of speaking on the phone.

Erotic Emailing Package: 2 emails of 250 - 300 words each, from your PEP Lady $79

AV Packages: $65/ 4 photos & 30-second audio clip     $125/ 10 photos & 60-second audio clip

VIP Phone Call Packages: NEW $379/ 5 thirty-minute calls   $429/ 5 45-minute calls    $599/ 6 one-hour calls    $689/ 10 45-minute calls    $999/ 11 one-hour calls    $1,999/ 24 one-hour calls

Goldilocks VIP Packages: Let us customize a PEP Connections Package that’s not too big, not too small—that’s just right. Combine phone calls, sexting, erotic emailing exchanges, and/or specialty add-ons into a Package built for you. Call Sera Miles to build your Goldilocks Package, or discuss with your PEP Lady today.


Specialty Add-ons

Enema Calls: $199 for an hour call during which your PEP Lady gives herself an enema

Photo & Audio Add-ons: Add photos &/or audio files to your PEP Connection (may be added on to a call, a sexting package, or an erotic emailing package) - click to see all options

Web Cam Add-on: Base phone call price + Web Cam Fee, please talk with the Lady of your choice regarding total cost.