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Stages all over the United States have hosted her arched feet, but now, erotic dancer & kinky flirt extraordinaire Nina Rose is gracing the stage of PEP! Been curious about the life of a traveling exotic dancer? Ask all your questions—from how to walk in those mile-high heels to what goes on in that ultra-feminine space: backstage at the strip club. Do you wish you were a gorgeous, sexy young woman, confident & cumming into her own, like Nina? She understands—and w/ her training, you’ll grow up to be the perfect sissy-tramp version of the captivating, self-loving man-eater Nina Rose.

Nina’s g-string gets wet for a good old-fashioned kinky scene—replete w/ bondage, tease & denial, anal stimulation, & much more. She likes her play free-spirited & filthy, loves to bathe & primp herself till she smells sweeter than a dewy rose, only to then play so intensely that she & her partner are covered in cum, pussy juice, lube, sweat ... Getting naked in the great outdoors especially thrills this nature-lover. Imagine Nina Rose on a sandy beach, skin glistening w/ salt water, sand decorating her luscious body, as she coos, Deflower me? I’ll be the virgin … you be the Daddy. Then, we can switch! 

Nina loves age play scenes! Flexible about roles, she appreciates all holes equally. Explore pussy stretching, virginity role play, anal every which way. Play it out sensually, erotically—tease each other, feel the intensity build, & in post-coital orgasmic bliss, ask Nina to guide you in an erotic meditation. It’s such a wonderful way to fall into slumber, notes Nina Rose. As a holistic healer, I love introducing people to the magic within, & facilitating the deep rest they’ve long needed.

You’ll need to rest after playing w/ seductive Nina Rose. She’s got a thing for humiliation—teasing that turns into taunting that turns into your ego on the floor. Need to be degraded by a smiling, gorgeous woman? Get most excited when you’re also a little scared? Confess: are you a pain slut? A loser in need of hard core humiliation? Nina’s got a heavy hand & sharp tongue for you. Nina loves fear play—twisted scenarios that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you whimper & beg … try not to wet yourself. Or maybe you need to be in a diaper?

Youd soak a diaper w/ pre-cum, just like you soak your undies when you dare look at Ninas pics. Go ahead: tease the head of your cock. Lick up your juices. Tell Nina how delicious they are … dirty damsel Nina Rose loves bodies—their secretions, smells, secrets, angles, tendrils, & curves. Feel yourself head to toe. Worship the curly hairs that peek out from Nina's panties. Nina wants you to feel comfortable in your skin, w/ yourself, getting in touch w/ your most ferocious & bestial sexual desires.

Astrologer, spiritual healer, & sexual maven Nina Rose is a PEP call away. Experience deep, restorative sleep via her powerful meditative skills. Find new ways to work out your cock, empty your balls, & stroke the knowledge that has always resided w/in you. Get in touch. You deserve it.

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