Sera's Rave Reviews

Sera, You are such an amazing, understanding and caring Woman. I appreciate you so much and thank you for that special time.

Such chemistry from these delightful women (Sera & Giselle), had a grand time. Nearly had trouble not exploding when things really heated up!

It was a call l always dream about. I never want to go back, Mistress Sera Miles is soooooooo good, I'll be her slave forever.

Had a fantastic sext start with the fabulous Ms Miles, such a deviant mind. Had to control myself not to cum during the juicy parts but she makes the sexting worth the price, can’t get enough of her.

[I most enjoyed] being Mistress Sera Miles' slave. Mistress has total control over Her slave labor!

Ms Miles was my first 1st PEP [call], the fact of her being the [owner] of the Company made my fantasy even better, we had such a wicked time in her office. Lookin' for a proper office themed romp? Ms Miles is highly recommended.

I have talked with Sera and Ami one on one. Today I talked with both at the same time, well I should say that they did most of the talking. They interact very well together and when it comes to dealing out punishment spankings they are both on the same page. They both want you to learn what you did wrong and why you are being disciplined. If you don't show them that you are sorry, they will make sure that you feel the bath brush real hard and they won't stop until you tell them that you are very sorry and if they don't believe you, you are going to get a lot more.


To put it simply Sera is just unbelievable, no one can do what she does ... no one. Thank you for doing what you do.

I received my first e-mail today from my Disciplinarian Miss Miles. She had to discipline me again, because she received a bad report from Miss Twilight about me. I did not enjoy it at ALL and I am not looking forward to tomorrow's e-mail ... (day two) Miss Miles sent my 2nd e-mail today. I have a sore bottom from yesterday's e-mail. Today my Disciplinarian out did herself AGAIN. There was some hard some med. some light, it did not matter they all HURT, my bottom is so tender that when my jeans rub against my bottom that hurts. I would love to see Miss Miles in person and be put over her lap an see just how hard a read discipline spanking from her would really be.

Dear Sera, you gave me the strength to finally leave my wife and be happy ... your blonde hair ... grew on me as it grew and it is sexy as fuck ... Publish that you are a goddess and an emotional healer. I hope to talk to you soon. Again, you've healed me when everything else failed to do so and as a former psychotherapist I know what I'm talking about. You are so hot and on an emotional level I never knew existed. You have given me hope to be a better man and better partner to some future woman. I could just go on forever about the healing you've provided me. I have so many new questions and I know of no one better to ask than you. I know you'll be cool with me and so I love you for all as I can. Thank you for helping to free me.

Sera Miles provides a truly amazing erotic experience. We went over a fantasy that I'd spent years thinking about, and she still turned our conversation into a cinematic setting that added new dimensions. It's far more than anyone could reasonably expect from phone sex.

Ms Sera is a gift from the Gods ... her mind is utterly amazing ... and her approach to the desires of another is incredible ...

Momma has helped me more in the past 9 years than psychotherapy ever did. Momma Sera, for real mommy, you have helped me to get over my trauma and accept myself for being overwhelmed by the ecstasy of sexual/emotional intimacy and accepting of my own loud sex noises (... saying this is so intimate and such a bonding experience).

I have had a specific fantasy that we’ve done a few times now and Sera just brings it more to life every time. Maybe someday I'll be able to try it for real but until then, Sera makes it feel real. I’m thinking I may call her right now, I’m excited just thinking about it!

I asked Sera if she could do a birthday call with me, she said yes and I will blister your bottom. Sera is a real true disciplinarian, she does not give a fun and playful birthday spanking, I found that out. A real disciplinarian like Sera will only give you a spanking that will really hurt and she will make sure of that. I have a very sore bottom today, but I am also happy that Sera is the way she is when it comes to giving out real discipline.

I received my 2nd e-mail from Sera last night. I knew it was not going to be an easy night for me, I was still very sore from the 1st e-mail. Right now I am a better boy thanks to Ms. Miles bare bottom discipline. I would LOVE to see Ms. Miles in person, I think she could really help me change my ways.

SERA sent me an e-mail. It does not matter if it's an e-mail or you are on the phone with her, she will come up with something new every time. I did not expect what I found in my e-mail last night and I was told to follow the instructions to a tee. I knew that Miss Miles meant every thing in that e-mail and I better do every thing in order or I will pay for it in the next e-mail. I am sitting here with a very sore bottom. I do not know how I am going to handle the next e-mail. One thing I do know is that Miss Miles will not go any easier on me in the next e-mail, I think it will only get worse.

Sera is the most amazing person I’ve ever met at making a detailed script come to life, it was virtually perfect! If there is anyone better than Sera I haven’t met them. She is my favorite all time person to talk to about my fantasies, and I just wish she traveled east more often so I could have a live session with her. 

It was 4 months from my last call with Miss Sera, my Disciplinarian. She was not happy with me and I had to learn the hard way what will happen when I don't check in with Miss Sera once a month. I find it a little hard to sit right now, I do not think I will miss my monthly discipline calls with Miss Sera ever again.

Aunt Sera was great again. Any role she takes on, she has no problem being that person by the time the call is over you think that the session was real. To see Sera in person would be great or it could be your worst nightmare. Sera is the best, she understands what DISCIPLINE really is and what PUNISHMENT is. If you ever get to see her in person you will leave with a very SORE bottom.

Sera is so detailed it’s unbelievable, and she makes it so real. There is no one better than sera in my opinion I didn’t think it was possible for a phone call to be that real.

All I can say about Miss Miles is OMG. If anyone is looking for a REAL DISCIPLINARIAN she is the one to call. Miss Miles can be so strict and stern, and she will make you understand why you are being disciplined. When she feels you have learned your lesson then and only then the discipline is over. Believe me: you do not want to talk back to her, or not address her as Miss Miles or Ma'am.

Sera gives the most intense sessions. In session all my needs and desires are met. She weaves a story so sensual that I am able to experience two climaxes at times, as was the case today. Such intense physical and emotional pleasure and she gives it so freely and completely.

Sera, I just wanted to tell you that our call last week was unbelievable. The fact that you remember me was amazing in itself since I don't think we've spoken in years. You are such a genuine person and I love speaking with you, you do phone fantasies like no one I've ever heard. You are so good at following the exact fantasy that I'm thinking of. I just felt that I had to let you know how great you are. Thanks again!

Ms Sera or as I like to call her, "Mommy Sera," let me explore my adult male school boy ball player side as well as my female side, and especially my female baby side. Very relaxing, refreshing, amazing ... Sera allowed me to embrace all sides of me.

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