Reba's Rave Reviews

Goddess did everything I was hoping and wishing for. I was in mood for pain and that is exactly what I got plus the marks to remind me that Goddess Reba had been in control of me ... Ending with a pee session and getting my pussy pegged was what I needed and will remember to end another wonderful year with Goddess Reba. Thank you so much! ... Maybe 2020 will have to bring about a double Lady call ....

Yes Goddess, You know me more than i do, i can’t live with out being your total toilet slave, serving and consuming your delicious toilet waste yummmy. Bless you Goddess REBA, with My respect ... slave b

[I most enjoyed] ... everything, especially Reba's understanding of my need, and feeling put in my place by her. Goddess Reba was in control from the start, and I felt myself pulled into her completely. She is both warm and dominating, and fully aware of her erotic power. I helplessly gave myself over to her, and I'll definitely call back.

Reba was very helpful in talking through some things that were bothering me. Thank you.

I confessed my weakness with Goddess Reba. My Kafkaesque predicament ... she was laughing a lot and beating me up verbally. She's GREAT!

Goddess Reba, when we were on the phone I felt a real connection to You. Like I wanted to love and worship You. For You to be Mother Earth, my Disciplinarian, taker of my virginity, i wanted to love worship and kiss Your glorious ass -- I went to bed thinking about You and woke up thinking about You. When You torture my ass and balls I am in heaven. I long for You to take me from behind and make me Yours.  I can't hide it or run from it ... It is time. Time for me to be a slave. Time for me to be Your slave.

Mistress knows how to bring out the best in me ... during our conversations. It was one of The Best calls I've had with PEP. A dark stormy night and Mistress and I had decided that an outdoor session was in order, all safe on porch as the elements were nasty. Mistress ordered me to be nasty also!! I will treasure the time together and can't wait for The Slut in me to be back serving Goddess Reba.

Reba's perfect breasts are twin towers of passion and delight. Her beautiful girls have a mind of their own. - WM

Super solid advice on Reba. She was really fun. I came so hard I saw stars. And the toys she had me use will have me walking gingerly all evening LOL. You guys are the best.

I called The Goddess twice on The Solstice. The first time we surveyed my fetishes and agreed that I was weak. She taunted me as I came and hung up on me. Thank you Goddess! The second time I called was later in the day. She answered my call coldly and told me it was not a surprise that I would call again. Called me a maggot! I was hurt and humiliated in a most complete way, I can hardly move. I will be calling the amazing Reba again and again. --maggot

Goddess Reba is teaching me how to be a good sissy slut and I luv it and My Mistress! 

Reba was stellar. Fucking. Stellar. Among the best ever.

While new to this line of work, Reba exhibited a great ability and confidence, as if she was a natural, born for this work. Perhaps its her maturity or past experience as a pro dom, it does not really matter for she is gifted. She has a maternal sense of caring for a callers' needs and takes the time to get to know and understand one's inner sub space. Once she has accomplished this, watch out, as she makes her stories feel so real. She clearly enjoys her craft and I am sure will only get better with time ... What started as a one hour call ran over 2 hours ... She is a keeper that I highly recommend for even the most experienced, demanding, and complex callers. I have been a PEP client since the early 1990s and know what I am talking about!

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