Rates for Our CEO, Sera Miles

Phone Calls a la Carte

   $169/ 60 minutes    $149/ 45 minutes   $139/ 30 minutes  $79/ 20 minutes*

Extension rates are slightly lower.

*only avail w/ Sera


Sexting Package: 50 text messages of 2-10 words each, from Sera $99

Erotic Emailing Package: 2 emails of 175-250 words each, from Sera $99


Rates for Consultation Call, VIP Reservation Fee, AV Packages, & AV Add-ons are the same as listed here. Double calls will apply Sera's base rate for call time, plus the other Lady's rate.

Specials do not apply to calls w/ Sera.

To use a VIP Call from a standard package w/ Sera, we add a $50 surcharge.

Do ask Sera about creating your own Goldilocks VIP to be used exclusively w/ her!