Quin's Rave Reviews

Everything, I enjoyed everything! But mostly the sound of Miss Quin's voice, and her personality, everything was great!

Call was awesome! Miss Quin took me to a place I loved, where I had to be her cum slut and it was just a great call! I might have wanted longer, but not sure how much longer I could have lasted, she is so great! I so loved this call and being her cum slut and hope to call again.

[I most enjoyed] her sexy voice and her commanding personality. Best joi, anal play, cum eating experience. Best blasphemy play as well. I’ll be calling [Miss Quin] back for more soon - I should have made it 90 minutes!

Miss Sera, I just had best two Mistress call with Ami and Quin. I just wanted to say thank you as they played off each other amazing and definitely put me in my place. I have spoken with Mistress Ami and Mistress Quin [often] in the last two weeks and been having a great time ... I will for sure be calling more often as they pushed a lot of buttons. Congratulations [on] your hard work at PEP, it has paid off ... amazing series of calls the last couple of weeks! Finally I hope that Mistress Quin will be a PEP Leading Lady as I now belong to both of them as a loser blackmail bitch. 

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