Ms Kaye B's Rave Reviews

[I so enjoyed] the ease and relaxed manner in communicating with Kaye, her understanding of how to push limits and when to relax them. I enjoyed her enthusiasm as the call progressed and it seemed she was enjoying herself. She also showed me some things I hadn’t tried before. It was one of the best phone sessions [I've] had. I enjoyed the corporal and the nipple play the most. Kaye was soft and caring at times and demanding at others.

I so enjoyed Kaye remembering who I was after not calling for a very long time. And then mostly how adept she is to quickly read your needs. We haven't spoken many times but each time has been wonderful.

Kaye is very easy to talk to and shows real interest. She loves to share laughs and makes you feel good about yourself ... really enjoyed her zest for life, and Kaye really knows her stuff!

Kaye is an incredible listener and a pleasure to talk to. I felt very comfortable revealing my inner most secrets to her and delighted as she made them come to life. I will definitely be calling her again.

Ms Kaye cares about people. Wow very easy to talk to. I really loved sharing  ... made me feel so much better ... loved kneeling before her massaging her feet!

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