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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde

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Awaken, explore, and reveal your deepest erotic self with Ms Kaye B. “I specialize in the art of edge play, or pushing limits,” she says. “My highest priority is driving you safely to your physical or psychological threshold— and then just beyond.

“How far have you been pushed?”

Perhaps you’re a novice seeking your first experiences. Kaye loves teaching new players the intimacy of pain and pleasure, submission, and surrender. You might be a seasoned player now seeking a more expansive menu of carnal and psychological BDSM delights. Kaye invites all who seek to broaden their knowledge of themselves and their sexuality to call.

Kaye is currently a certified hypnotherapist in private practice, and she mentors prospective BDSM pro-players, private players, and couples. Her extensive professional background includes presenting classes on various aspects of BDSM in the San Francisco community as well as at established venues like SF State.

Kaye’s refined and superb skills include exploring the psycho-erotic aspects of kink and sex magic. She inspires callers to experience their hot, raw, and real sexual selves and finds deep pleasure in connecting with her callers, through submission, masochism, and more. Kaye is a bondage and pain artist. Fetishists intrigue and charm her. Cuckolding, chastity, corporal punishment, golden showers, orgasm control, and forced bisexuality electrify Ms Kaye.

“And let’s not forget geni-pleasure/ torture and sustained masturbation,” she says. “Your cock and balls will become mine, as well as you yourself. And when that comes to pass, beware: I may eat you alive!”

Kaye fully understands duality and loves exploring complex identities. Feminization, sissification, and gender transformation thrill her. She’ll arouse the long-hidden girl within you, coax you to unveil the multifaceted creature within and make you into her nympho bitch or well-behaved slave girl.

Additionally, pushing her own edges, Kaye lived in Japan for three years, exploring the BDSM culture, watching stage sex shows and, a consummate exhibitionist, doing BDSM-themed performance art herself. Ask her to tell you about her many adventures overseas, and share yours! Kaye loves to talk about the world, about cultures and traditions and life-changing experiences.

Dare to turn yourself inside out with Ms Kaye B. “To attract my attention is simple,” she says, “call and bow to your Mistress. Be vulnerable. Be humbled, taught, pushed, and used hard. I will seduce and guide you to the unparalleled and sacred ecstasy of erotic authenticity.”

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