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Kinky girl-next-door Hunter’s got fantasies that’ll blow your mind so hard, you’ll blow your load. She’s smart and funny, the kind of gal you can bring home to mom—but behind closed doors, this horny Huntress will keep your ass in gear. The epitome of a kinky switch, Hunter’s main fetish is getting people off—you lucky bastard! Whether you crave humiliation and having your limits tested, or want to control a submissive princess, Hunter will meet your needs with enthusiasm and the joyous laughter of pleasure. (Warning: her lilting laugh may linger in your ears so long, your cravings for spicy play will devour every waking and sleeping moment …)

Seeking a Mistress? Don’t let this brazen Lady's petite frame fool you. She’ll tear you down until you’re groveling at her feet, and if you’re lucky, she might let you taste her toes. She’ll walk all over you, literally and figuratively, and leave you longing for more of her attention. Please her, and you’ll earn more of Mistress Hunter’s prized attention. She might dress you like the naughty sissy slut you are inside, and bring you to a party so that all her friends can fuck your holes—you lucky bitch!

If you’re searching for a devoted submissive, Hunter will fulfill your every wish and command. She loves being treated and rubbed like a precious object, as well as having her limits pushed … and prodded. Being spanked, verbally degraded, used, and shared by you and your friends (until she’s a sopping wet mess, shaking on the floor) are just a few of the dirty fantasies that dance through her nasty mind.

The fun part about playing with a switch, says Hunter, is that we can fight for control and power, and see who comes out on top. Feeling lucky? Calling Hunter’s a win-win, for she not only loves to hear your deepest, taboo fantasies, but also openly, shamelessly shares her own fetishes. She especially adores kinky conversation about objectification, group sex, and her hard-core cum fetish. Call, explore—Hunter’s always on the hunt for an experience kinkier than her last. Be next!

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