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Be honest: your cock jumped the minute you saw her. Your nipples tingled. You felt that ineffable flutter—the one that goes from heart to belly to groin. You want to worship her. Suffer for her. Belong to her. Trust: Goddess Vivian understands. Deeply.

“I love helping clients find their confidence, and be more compassionate to themselves, inside and outside of our time together,” she says. “I love the versatility of BDSM and wholly believe in the healing aspects of kink, as well as the holistic aspects. I love to help clients work toward a common goal.”

What’s your goal? Need some help figuring it out? Goddess Vivian’s at the ready! Perhaps you need to be in full sissy regalia, then fucked in front of the Goddess’ femdom friends. Or you’re curious about being put in chastity & need a powerful woman to get you there—slowly, surely, firmly & fiercely. Have you been tying up your cock & balls for years, & want a savvy woman to guide you into more serious masochism? Tell Goddess Vivian ALL about ALL your fantasies!

From foot worship to medical play, pet training to degradation, mommy fetish to sensual encounters, The Goddess Viv welcomes the whole of your kinky self. No form of play is too harsh or too light! Ask for the sexy pillow talk you’ve been missing. Share the pieces of yourself you’ve kept hidden. Got a religious scene you want to play out? Goddess Vivian LOVES religious play. Been curious about pegging, or sensory deprivation, or edging? Goddess Vivian delights in all the above!

“I want to dominate your senses as we explore every nook and cranny of your filthy mind,” she says. “During our time together, it’s critical that you are fully devoted to Me. Pay close attention to the timbre of My voice, to the words I use. Misbehave, & I can be an unforgiving Deity. Impress me, & delight in the warm, radiant Goddess energy I’ll bestow upon you.”

Goddess Vivian brings over a dozen years of experience & a heartfelt love of all things naughty to every conversation. Reach out. Find your place, under her light. You need to be heard, trained, edged, & teased … the time to wait is over. Call now.

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