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Goddess Reba XXX Treme’s from the old school: she treasures men who bow to the supremacy of women; she believes in training, rituals, and protocol; and she has a zero tolerance policy on insubordination. Been wishing for a Domme who won’t let you get away with any antics, who rewards and punishes as is deserved? Need compassionate, maternal domination coupled with a no-excuses-zone attitude? Ready to proffer your submission to a woman as authoritative as Mother and as scary as that paddle-wielding high school principal? Come home to Goddess Reba. Simply put, you’ll be respectful, or you’ll suffer the consequences, and simplicity allows the mind to focus on what’s most important: obeying your Goddess.

Mind you, you’ll suffer as you await Goddess Reba’s attention, then as she denies your request to orgasm. If you’re a pain slut, you’ll suffer in the most delicious ways, as Goddess Reba’s love for cock and ball torture tops the charts. Suffering, after all, can lead to ecstasy, and when trust has been built between Domme and sub, pain and pleasure so easily intertwine. Before and beyond all the accoutrements, the ball cages and humblers, canes and rulers, Goddess Reba believes trust is the most significant element in a D/s dynamic. It’s vital to any relationship¸ she says. Trust should be treasured. I trust you to keep your word and you trust Me to take care of you. Explore your most verboten desires with Goddess Reba; she specializes in toilet training, face-sitting, incest fantasy, foot worship, pegging, erotic storytelling, and torturing the family jewels. Trust: Goddess Reba will take painstaking care of you.

Reba’s intense imagination can carry you deep within, and her mental toy bag bulges with ideas—after all, she notes, Sex is 90% mental stimulation, kink and fetish sex is 99%. Goddess Reba intimately understands the submissive man’s need for structure and ritual, and she loves a man in uniform. In fact, brass buttons, starched shirts, fatigues, and flawlessly pressed uniforms may be Goddess Reba’s only true weakness—but rest assured, she’s got what it takes to overpower even the most self-assured sharp-dressed man. As the daughter of a military man and having been in the Army myself, it’s hardly a surprise that uniforms hold a special place in my heart, says Goddess Reba. For me, uniforms are not dress-up, they are a mindset. Whether you need me to tear the uniform from you, see who you secretly are underneath, or stand over you in My uniform, I understand your need.

After a session with creative, seductive, and sadistic Goddess Reba, the echo of her stern, clear voice will beat within your slave heart. Goddess Reba is the real deal, inside and out. Artifice is fun in a kinky story, and Goddess Reba is a stellar storyteller who can regale you for hours, but at the end of the day, you also want a dominant woman you can talk with, who will connect with your heartfelt desires and experiences, one who will listen and guide you. 

Your tongue may find itself salivating over Goddess Reba’s breasts, and awaiting an invitation to lick her magnificent ass. Sincere, respectful men entreat Goddess Reba’s tastiest rewards. Miscreants who’ve gotten too big for their britches end up face down in the dirt, choking on gravel, sniveling, begging for mercy.  Which one are you? Relinquish control to Goddess Reba, for she will treat you fairly, and ever so politely lead you into your fate. You need to submit. You need to call. Your time is now.

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