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Goddess Reba XXXTreme can take a man to his knees without breaking a sweat. Her tongue lashings leave welts, teach memorable lessons, and lead studious boys to fulfill their submissive potential. Your tongue may find itself salivating over Goddess Reba’s breasts, and awaiting an invitation to lick her sublime ass. A Domme off the old school block, she rewards good manners, loyalty, and respect. Wash behind your ears, spit shine your butt crack, and say, Please … Rest assured: after a session with creative, seductive, and sadistic Goddess Reba, your resounding shouts of thank you, Mistress will reverberate for days.

Obedient pets, pay pigs, and toilet slaves entreat Goddess Reba’s sweet, doting compliments. Men who’ve gotten too big for their britches end up face down in the dirt, choking on gravel, begging for mercy. Which one are you? Goddess Reba will decide. Just because I’m polite, don’t think I won’t slam your cock and balls in a desk drawer, says the Goddess, and giggle at your tears. Your Goddess’ joy matters most of all—right?

Reba’s intense imagination can carry you to far-off worlds, and her mental toy bag bulges with ideas—after all, she notes, Sex is 90% mental stimulation, kink and fetish sex is 99%. Goddess Reba’s got a wild and charmed BDSM spirit, paired with down-to-earth sensibilities and a grounded approach to training submissives. Need a Mommy-Domme to provide structure and reassurance, to help you grow your devotion? Goddess Reba understands, and her sweet voice will echo in your mind. Realize you’ve got to be pushed hard, punished brutally, and put away with your balls still blue? Goddess Reba accepts your pain, for it is her pleasure.

Before and beyond all the accoutrements, the whips and chains, teasing and denial, Goddess Reba believes trust is the most important element in a D/s dynamic. It’s vital to any relationship¸ she says. Trust should be treasured. I trust you to keep your word and you trust Me to take care of you. How long have you needed someone to watch over you? To listen closely, cherish your vulnerability, and lead you to accept the discipline, training, and encouragement you crave? To punish you harshly, and reward you passionately? Explore your most verboten desires with Goddess Reba; she specializes in toilet training, findom, ass worship, incest fantasy, and unrelenting humiliation. Your fantasies need to be expressed, and tended to. Trust: Goddess Reba will take painstaking care of you. 

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