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Wish you could meet the kind of woman who goes from cocktails and flirtation to whispering, Wanna fuck in your ear? Look no further than sensual, sexual, flexible Elaina de la Mer. Sometimes she’s demure – a coquette, a kitten arching her back, meowing as you scratch her pink parts. Other times, she’s wild, a primal creature, a feral cat who ensares, scratches, and bites her prey. Savvy, skilled, and full of street smarts, Elaina will guide you through dark alley-ways, across the glittering sands of fantasy and time, into cresting pleasure. Her keen ability to hypnotize and mesmerize you will lead you to oceanic ecstasy. Her pretty mouth opens into sly smiles, gives orders, whispers sweet nothings, and sucks cock. Oh yes. You read that correctly – with the right man, Elaina’s up for anything.

A scrumptious blend of sensual and sadistic, Elaina delights in massage and body worship, and she gets wet for spanking, enemas, and kinky role play. Elaina loves being Daddy’s – or Grandpa’s! – luscious slut, the up-for-anything neighborhood MILF, and the mean girl from high school you’ve long wanted to throat-fuck into dawn. She’ll play the naughtiest nurse you’ve ever met; she can transform into a frisky puppy ready to romp; if you can imagine it, Elaina can play it!

Get cozy, comfortable, vulnerable, and girlie with Elaina. Shouldn't you don frilly panties over your tied-up sissy stick and serve Mistress Elaina chilled white wine, grapes, and decadent French cheese? Shouldn’t you be rubbing her pedicured feet while her sharp and shiny fingernails flip through a femdom magazine? Call Elaina and learn all about sissy training, lace, mani-pedis, and fetish wear. Bend over in your latex skirt, so Elaina can diddle your boy pussy.  An enema a day keeps you ready for Elaina’s fingers, dildos, and plugs.

Explore seduction, cruelty, and power exchange with Elaina. She knows well the art of being just mean enough to keep you on your toes – and sweet enough to keep you panting for more. The classic girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead, Elaina’s very, very good –but when she’s bad?  I was a mean little kid, Elaina says. I still fantasize about making boys pee while I humiliate their pathetic pricks. Nowadays, Elaina often does the honor —as in, she pisses, and lucky boys get drenched (and quench their thirst) under her golden shower.

Satisfy your fetish appetites. Quench your thirst. Bite into the succulent fruit of fantasy fulfillment. Your wettest dreams coming true is only a phone call away … frothing at the mouth already, aren’t you? 

Lick your lips and call Elaina.

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