Justice's Rave Reviews

Justice was wonderfully intelligent and creative ... [she]  was terrific!

How intelligent, caring and thought provoking Justice was. She was able to very quickly assess my needs and exceed my expectations. A natural and intoxicating woman that truly understands and knows what men need and want ...

I so enjoyed Justice's HOT abilities to engage my libido ...and desires ... 

I would only change the length of the call as Lady Justice was a true enchantress.

I hadn't spoken to Justice before and thought I'd give her a try. My fantasies and interests are more on the lines of domestic discipline and less on traditional BDSM. Though not naturally shy, I tend to have difficulty in voicing what is in my head. I had always thought that maybe she and I would not be compatible. Boy was I wrong! Justice is a fantastic listener and fantasy creator. She can be caring, nurturing, strict, and sensual all at the same time. She helped to bring my scenario to life and 45 minutes went by in what seemed like 15. She became my strict Auntie who punished me like the naughty boy that I am and always will be. I can't wait to speak to her again!

For her being the new kid on the block she went way above! I felt like she was right out of the 40s, she was so strict and stern. Justice knows how to get inside of your head and make you feel that this is very real.

Justice is a woman of the world. She speaks intelligently on so many topics. Her attention to detail about the topic of the call is incredible. The rustle of a skirt, the touch of a finger nail, the cool taste of a freshly poured drink are made to seem as if she is sitting at a corner table beside you. Great call!

What started out as a introductory call went much, much longer as I found Justice to be open minded, intelligent, and knowledgeable. She had that sisterly demeanor that helps guide the fantasy story.

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