Giselle's Rave Reviews

Giselle is an Alpha Female who understands the nuances of the human mind, the sensitive mind, the subservient mind, the male mind. Her hypnotic verbal enigmas form a slippery yet sticky, soft yet riveting, dizzying but quietly thrilling, ever-thickening, strength sapping web in which one's thought process becomes hopelessly entangled, depleting the will to extricate the soul, sublimating & refocusing one's increasingly exhausted efforts to escape into supporting only her desires, as one struggles with less and less enthusiasm to become free.

Giselle has given me encouragement to become the kind of submissive that I have longed to be, toilet and a giver of my flesh to the pleasures of pain and suffering! I truly enjoy sharing these subjects with a kinkster like Giselle. I shall continue to call her ...

Giselle was great! I love to be dominated, she delivered. So sexual! 

I was drawn in by the photo: tiny waist and carefully fitted corset with gorgeous cafe au lait skin Omg! She is smart and self aware and took me to femdom paradise without ever raising Her voice. Thank you Ms. Giselle for a wild ride in the morning!!!

I shared my secret desire to be a fully trained toilet, and Giselle gave me advice and encouragement to fulfill my ultimate goal!

Love [Giselle's] wit and intelligence. Her confidence is a constant.

Mistress Giselle is a wonderful woman, she talks about anything: Kink, Vanilla, and helps you with things that bother you. She was a great help to me a while back ... I would not change anything about this very powerful and controlling Lady .

Giselle and Twilight work very together, they can both be very strict. If you are looking for discipline these are the 2 ladies to call. Remember the old saying watch out what you ask for, you just might get it. Well with Giselle and Twilight, what you ask for you are going to get and a whole lot MORE.

[I most enjoyed] the way Giselle got into her role as my Aunt. I asked her a few questions and she gave me some good answers about spankings be for and after. I don't know if I could handle the after but the corner time will make me think about it.

[I most enjoyed] Giselle's understanding of my love of incest and her complete acceptance of my particular fetishes and filthy thoughts. I plan on speaking with her again soon.

Mistress Giselle put me exactly where I needed to be. Right Down the Rabbit Hole.I am a little Slut who needs Guidance from Beautiful Women.

Giselle is a True Beauty, Domme, and Goddess in one! Her voice definitely made my toes not only curl, [she's] sexually powerful enough for me to have another orgasm. Thank you Goddess Giselle!

[I enjoyed most] Giselle's sense of romance and true eroticism. It could not have been better. Exquisitely erotic. Giselle is a versatile and delightful phone lover.

She was nice, no degradation, nothing that made me feel uncomfortable. Goddess Giselle seemed like a dom who could do a lot of painful stuff, and cuddle you afterwards.

Mistress Giselle made me her Property. I should have booked longer. Mistress Giselle took total control over her slave and never let go.

It was a "getting to know you" call, and Giselle was amazing. She never rushed or clock watched, and was cool with me laying out an interesting scenario in text and took the time to view reference pics. I loved the sound of her voice, and the attention to detail she took. I have a not so common fetish that is pretty fantastical, and she took the time to learn about it, and also picked up on all the beats. I really liked how she created environments, and made me feel like I was there. She is very agile, and picks up on subtle moans and knows what is working and what isn't. I also love her imagination, and if you are a fan of 80s horror, she is the Domme for you!

Such chemistry from these delightful women (Sera & Giselle), had a grand time. Nearly had trouble not exploding when things really heated up!

I did my second double call with Giselle and Lola again today. Once again, I sent along my thoughts on scenarios that I would find enjoyable on our call. In true form, they took the time to read what I had sent and then conspired to make it their own for the call. Giselle texted ahead of time to make sure I was ready for the call, knowing I had things I wanted to have on and ready. These two young ladies truly do a great job feeding off each other during these calls and I HIGHLY recommend their services.

I had my first double PEP Lady call today with Lola D and Giselle. Sera highly recommended both of them to work together and was she ever correct. I had provided a bit of a fantasy/fetish story that I was hoping to experience, a few hrs before our scheduled call. Both Ladies reviewed what I had submitted and then made it their own for our call. They both put together such an awesome scenario, it was everything I could do to last as long as I did. Whether you are looking for a single call or want a great experience with two ladies, I highly recommend both Lola and Giselle ... Let either/both of these ladies work their magic and you should enjoy one heck of a kinky time!

[I most enjoyed] Her wisdom and her beautiful laughter. I have not talked to Mistress Giselle in a while, it was great to hear her sexy powerful controlling voice, one you would never forget. And to talk all about her leather and latex clothes mmmm ... to be able to kiss and smell all that leather. You'll be in heaven ... She is always good to me with her control and punishment mmmmmmm. Mistress Giselle, keep up the great work, you are the best ...

Enjoyed round 2 with Giselle, felt excited, aroused, She’s a bundle of fun. Can’t wait to “visit” her next month. Keep up the good work, definitely enjoying some of the specials!

Ami handled the double team like a pro, she knew how treat the call while I enjoyed the splendid chemistry she has with Giselle. Ami is a wonderful PEP [Lady]!

Giselle and Ami were SuperCaliFragilisticly amazing, knew how to expand my imagination, equally satisfying and I’m still reeling from the Birthday Bash. Best duo call I’ve had!

Giselle is amazing. Erotic, sensual, and kinky. She listens to your interests and experiences and then constructs an incredible, hot, fulfilling session/discussion. I highly recommend that you call her and begin an incredible journey of kink and eroticism. I would love for [ourc call] to have been longer...but that's on me.

I called and was in the mood for extreme beating and dress up. Giselle recognized my needs and had me doing hard core beating that left me hurt with pain in all the right spots ... An evening that will need to be repeated often and soon. The marks on my body the following day just got me wanting more ... maybe another call tonight? How's that sound to you Giselle ...

I enjoyed how accepting Giselle was of my fetishes. She truly seemed to enjoy and embrace our discussion about them and my call finished with an amazing OG! [This was] a first time [and] call it went perfectly. Thank you Giselle!

I enjoy hearing Giselle's sexy voice ... and her wonderful laugh, and the power and control she has over me. And how I love obeying her every command, and love all her photos, and the one of her in the black leather skirt ... would love to worship that leather ass for hours mmmmmm on my knees. Thank you for your time and always enjoy talking with you Mistress and feeling your power ... 

Giselle is smart and thoughtful. She is an interesting thinker and knows her stuff. I completely enjoyed speaking with her.

I really enjoyed Giselle's voice. Her understanding that this was my first time calling a [phone] line. And her intuition of what I was into! Will definitely call again!

[I most enjoyed] how much Giselle can make you laugh... but also suffer for her and feel the pain she gives to you; and she understands the things you like and don't like. It was a great call.

[I most enjoy] the freedom I feel when talking to Giselle, the connection and control ... total submission ... I'd love to have 3 PEP Ladies on a call! 

Giselle has a way of taking the info I give her, and making everything work. I have very creative fantasies, and she makes me come every time.

I most enjoyed the fact that Giselle already knew what I was looking for just from a brief introduction with each other. I had a great time with Giselle and she made me shoot at least seven volleys of cum all over my steering wheel! Scouts Honor. Lol!

I very much enjoyed speaking with Giselle. She was very open and honest and I felt like she truly cared about me and my situation. I look forward to speaking with her again.

How much I like her laugh! She is very nice to talk with and I look forward to talking with Mistress Giselle again. She is very special Lady, she makes you laugh, and also makes you hurt ... smiles

Mistress Giselle ... identified my kinks and fetishes and has started to make plans for my future. That future will revolve around her and I hope I will be of use to her and others. Mistress Giselle is a life dream come true. I see a long history in the future of me serving at her pleasure.

How well Mistress Giselle trained me and punished me for messing up and being a bad boy. She got my butt so red and I enjoyed her punishment so much and to feel pain for her was so good. This Lady knows her stuff so very well, I would recommend her to anyone. She is so amazing and there is no other like Giselle, and I look forward to pleasing her again on my knees.

Giselle is both intelligent and sexy. I was referred to her, due to her expertise with age play, older aunt, naughty nephew, etc. Simply put this is something she excels at. Just the right amount of strict discipline and motherly love. Giselle is quite the treasure, spoil yourself today!

Giselle is lots of fun and an expert fantasy creator. Don't let her sweet disposition fool you. She is fully capable of taking naughty boys in hand!

Giselle was a school teacher, it was like I was really back in school all over again. She really knows how to deal with a bad student.

Giselle is always attentive and on point, always knows what I'm looking for. I would recommend her to anyone!

Giselle is an amazing person and an incredibly intelligent woman.  I can't say enough great things about her.

Goddess Giselle was thoughtful and took time to get to know me, I loved it.

Giselle was recommended by Sera and she was right on: intelligence and maturity, took the time to get to know my kinks and delivered!

[I loved] Goddess Giselle's lovely voice and delicious imagination ... I would love to be in physical presence, to feel her lash. Seriously, Goddess Giselle was perfect ...

Just recently I did a call with new Lady Giselle and just goes to show what I have know for 15 years—the Ladies of PEP truly care about you, your needs, and the lifestyle. Every PEP Lady I have had the pleasure of doing calls with really knows how to make a orgasm a powerful liberating experience! Bless all the Ladies of PEP as they are worth every dollar spent, an investment in physical and mental health! I love PEP and couldn't imagine life without the beautiful caring PEP Ladies to love me to teach me, to guide me, to expand my horizons.  I will be a client for life!

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