Emily's Rave Reviews

Emily is awesome! I absolutely love talking with her. She is great conversationalist. Very much concerned with making sure that you are getting what you need. Love calls with her!

[I so enjoyed] everything! Emily was superb! She is fun, creative, great sense of humour, and made my toes curl up, among other things.

Talking to Emily was just an amazing time!

Dear Supreme Mistress Sera

Wow - I have to thank you for introducing me to Mistress Emily ... I must tell you I am so truly thankful for you hooking us two together, she is exactly what I have always wanted - completely. I feel most men have a great desire to be owned - used - and controlled by a woman and mine goes way past that. But again, thanks for Emily! I count the days until I can serve her either in public or private. 

Emily and I had such a wonderful conversation getting to know each other. When time came to play Emily knows all the right buttons to push and she pushed them hard ! My time with her was everything a good slut wants . I'll be back on the Team Emily - Thanks

I truly enjoy the PEP newsletter ... Emily Lane has nipples and a body you can show with pride. I know looks are not a priority - sincerity is - but Emily is a dominant woman whose body is just gorgeous and it makes submissives drool - believe me, I know! 

So Emily, clothespins, a belt, and her sexy voice made for a great call. :) Wonderful hour with her.

I love Emily's voice and sexy body and face. She is the best. She lives it in real life. I love her so much. Mistress Emily is outstanding. She is very sexy and imaginative!

Emily was simply wonderful on all levels. I felt so comfortable being vulnerable to her. She was so sweet, caring, and able to appreciate and anticipate the depth of what I couldn't put into words. Certainly patient and very deep thinking, she is truly a Goddess!

Mistress Emily was so sweet and strict. She got me all hard while locked in chastity. Will call again.

Emily [is] wonderfully creative [...] very intelligent conversation. Would highly recommend.

Emily was absolutely sweet and empathetic to my nervousness. When we we're playing as well, absolutely wonderful and a sensually, sexy time. 

Emily is one naughty mamma. I love her. Very good call. I would sing her praises anywhere!

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