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Miss Quin's Quips


Brevity is the soul of ... obedience ;). Do your best: memorize this list & impress Miss Quin. Better yet: get your butt lubed up & recite these as she teases you. Remember: no one's gonna save you, but Miss Quin's wicked laugh will keep you enthralled ...

Happy 13th Anniversary to Ms Kaye B - a celebration, a long good-bye ...

March 2023 marks Ms Kaye's THIRTEENTH year at PEP! Kaye is one PEP's longest-running Leading Ladies, & we are so grateful for her baker's dozen years of dedication, loyalty, & scintillating conversation! Kaye has helped novices figure out their favorite implements, modes of pleasure, & limits. Kaye has guided experienced players into deeper submission & self-exploration. "How far have you been pushed?" Kaye has long directed PEP Callers to ask themselves. "Find your edge ..." she underscores.