WARNING: Explosive Contents - Nina Rose!



My Top "Ten" Fetishes

1. bondage 

2. business suit + nudity (naked/ clothed fetish)

3. naked in nature

4. body hair

5. impregnation/ breeding 

6. exhibishionism

7. smoking

8. collar & leash

9. golden showers

10. sensory deprivation

PLUS (like Giselle, Nina refused to let our request for ten fetishes deter her from clarifying that she has MORE FETISHES!):

11. energy sex, aka tantric sex 

12. begging/ crying


My Turn-offs

1. saying “you” when speaking in generalities

2. making broad assumptions about me

3. lack of problem solving skills, aka always has a problem!

4. not trusting in self/God 

5. tweets about hating Elon Musk, and other similar redundancies


My Top Non-Kink Interests

1. painting

2. being outdoors

3. shopping

4. spa life 

5. traveling by plane



You'd Never Guess That ...

1. I spend all of my free time writing self help books to be published one day in the future.

2. My spotlight comes just in time for my 10 year sex work anniversary

3. I started as a nude model and stripper. 

4. I am totally a cat person. No dogs!

What do you & Nina Rose have in common? What kinks do you wonder if she likes? Nina's so wonderfully welcoming, open-minded, & adventurous - bare your soul. She'll see you, & take you on a sexual trip so satisfying, you'll feel renewed AND want MORE!

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