Jan 30, 2020 PEP Perv Digest

January has glimmered & glitzed w/ Goddess Giselle's Spotlight! You've got a few more days to book her $99/ 60-min special - book it OFTEN thru 02.01.2020. Catch up w/ her Q&A & Letter to Clients. Relax into total submission w/ Goddess Giselle. She loves men, cock control, & cocksuckers, & she's kind enough to warn you, “Don’t let all my dildos, whips and vibrators scare you ... really I’m a nice girl."

Call Goddess Giselle & tell us how *nice* she is ;). You deserve it! 


We're gearing up for Emily Lane's 7 year anniversary - go ahead & book her $49/ 30-min anniversary special early (valid once per caller thru 03.01.2020). Scratch her 7-year itch. Get the skinny on her updated name. Tell her all about the fantasies that make you cum so hard, you cry hot tears of shame. You know that's what gets Emily off. And if you didn't know that? Find out for yourself on an anniversary call. Anniversaries only cum once a year, & the 7th is extra special! 


Our newest Leading Lady, Kristyna Dark, is often available in those wee hours of the night. Can't sleep? Finally got some privacy? Worked late & need a good orgasm before drifting off to dreamland? Call Kristyna & get what you need. She loves the quiet of the night, the intrigue of the darkness.


Got SuperBowl plans? Our guest star, Jennifer Rose, had been planning on a Patriots win. You gotta plan, add her return date to your calendar - Friday, February 7, 2020. Talk football, play a nasty game, score big!

Just a few days till the big game. Just a week til Jennifer Rose returns. And just about now, it's time to connect w/ your favorite PEP Ladies. Get an extra call in before Sunday. You deserve it.