Hello PEP Lover - from Goddess Vivian


$100/ 60-min Goddess Vivian Highlight Special EXTENDED

thru Tuesday, July 25, 2023! Did you get yours?

Call in horny & call Vivian - you'll have no regrets - xo

I want you to know just how much I truly and deeply appreciate you. You have been so vulnerable with me, exposing the deepest parts of your soul and entrusting me with your care. I am honored to give you a safe space where you can be your most true self - whether that means turning you into a princess worthy of sucking any cock presented to you, or bringing you to the limit of your pain threshold and holding you on that razor-thin edge, to build your endurance. You allow me to crush you, then shape and mold you into a more perfect form. Thank you. Often, I lie in bed at night caressing my skin with my fingertips as I think of our electrifying calls; reading over our sexts delights me. The build-up of our time together, the slow burn of drawing you in with the low cadence of my voice as you quiver on the other end of the line, sends me into a frenzy. I am insatiable in my desire to free you from the guilt and shame cast upon you by the world. In our world, you shine, you are seen, you are whole, and you are valued.

I am so excited to see where our connection takes us, what new and naughty heights we can achieve together. What will we talk about on our next call? How far will you let me pull you down the rabbit hole? How much farther down than that will I take you? Call me and find out, lover. Go ahead. You deserve it.


Goddess Vivian


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