Happy Anniversary Ms Kaye B!


Nine years ago, Ms Kaye B joined the PEP team. She's a respected BDSM educator, a hypnotherapist, a mentor to many ... it is truly incredible to have such an icon of S&M at PEP! 

Kaye specializes in edge play, in the art of the tease, the denial, the push. "If you’re a masochist, then I want you to hurt for me," says Kaye. "If you’re a submissive, I want you to submit, turn over control, and ultimately surrender to me. If you have a femme persona or want to explore gender play in all of its facets, I want to meet you on that level so that you may evolve more fully ..."

A compassionate, creative artist of S&M, Kaye embraces sexual to sadistic intensity. She's got a penchant for men who suck cock, and as she's an excellent guide in self-pleasure, calls are a collaboration, but remember—Ms Kaye’s always in charge.

Celebrate Ms Kaye's Anniversary this March - book her $49/ 30-min Anniversary Special (valid 1x thru 04.01.19). Spend a few extra moments w/ Kaye, pay homage to the path you've walked with her, because of her. And if you've never spoken to Kaye, we simply ask, why not and point up it's time.

PEP sends heartfelt gratitude to Ms Kaye B, for all the joy and safety she provides to our callers, and the rich experience she brings to the PEP Team. To many more years!