Happy 7th Anniversary to Goddess Giselle Thibodeaux!


Good things come to those who - who ... Wait a minute! Who said YOU could cum? -Goddess Giselle

Join us in celebrating SEVEN delicious years of Goddess Giselle + PEP! She's got a 7-year Itch you've GOT to scratch - call & confess. Tell Giselle about your deep desire to suck cock. Share w/ Giselle the contents of your secret dress-up drawer, from the frilly panties to the high heels you strut around the house in. Ask Giselle for advice on make-up, swallowing cum, & earning the right to worship pussy. 

Cock is easy, a dime a dozen. Pussy is GOLDEN. Pussy is EARNED! - Goddess Giselle 

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"Giselle is amazing. Erotic, sensual, and kinky. She listens to your interests and experiences and then constructs an incredible, hot, fulfilling session/discussion. I highly recommend that you call her and begin an incredible journey of kink and eroticism." -PEP Lover

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Sweet sissies, pain sluts, blackmail bitches, & worshipful supplicants all find their place w/ Goddess Giselle. Her style of Dominance is artistic, sensual, powerful, & all-encompassing. Power & control are her aphrodisiacs; her voice & gorgeous dark eyes are your aphrodisiac. Giselle loves a good take down & capture, especially w/ a man who's never before been overpowered - take note! It's your turn to surrender, your time to become Giselle's prey. She'll listen closely, push you just right over the edge, & tease you until you break into a man-boy-slut puddle of tears & whimpers & unabashed truth. So many fetishes enthrall Goddess Giselle - from sex robotics to latex, from "forced" bi to ritualistic shaving, from fisting to electro torture! What's YOUR fetish? Bring it as an offering to Goddess Giselle, & join her Army of Kink! 

I am the artist, and you are my clay. I want to shape and mold you into a beautiful creation. I will guide you in a direction you could not foresee. I want to take you to new heights of power exchange and submission, the kind only skilled artisans can unveil to you. In the end, of course, I will leave you wanting for more and begging to be made into the pinnacle of all my creations, into my artistic masterpiece. -Goddess Giselle

How long have you suppressed your true desires? How long have you craved the expertise & attention of a wholly Dominant Black Woman who can meet you right where you're at, be that novice or longtime player? Be that frightened & in need of slow, soft training or rambunctious & in need of discipline? Goddess Giselle invites you to stop waiting, & to start creating the erotic life of your hottest, wettest dreams. Trust: you will feel so cared for & heard in Goddess Giselle's hands. 


"[My call] could not have been better. Exquisitely erotic. Giselle is a versatile and delightful phone lover." -PEP Lover






*Goddess Giselle's prices will increase on Nov 1, 2023.