Happy 6th Anniversary to Ami Mercury!


Plenty more fish in the sea, but I’m the best catch. -Ami 

Join us in celebrating SIX joyous years of PEP + Ami Mercury! How far into the kinky universe have YOU traversed? Have you fully "embraced your weird"? Ami loves guiding you and cheering you on as you let yourself be YOU, in all your glory! Love your femininity & feel afraid to express it? Ami's got you. Got a monstrous fantasy you feign to tell? Ami is ALL EARS. Curious about playing the Dominant role? Ami's a versatile switch herself! Need to be transformed into a diaper-wetting baby? That's Ami's speciality - one of her many favorites! 

Ask Ami for her $79/ 45-min Anniversary Special, valid 1x thru 06.18.23

I love extreme fantasy and being over-the-top, says Ami, but I’m also down-to-earth. I’m a regular person who does my best not only to understand all fetishes, but also to understand the people who enjoy them.


I guess you could say I’m a connoisseur of the more esoteric fetishes—diapers, monsters, transformation, breeding/ impregnation, expansion, vore … (The list goes on, but I think we should save that for a more private conversation. *wink*) The “stranger” the fetish is by conventional standards, the greater the chance I will like it,  Ami notes, perhaps because I’ve learned that “strange” and “weird” are rather subjective concepts. What’s bizarre to one person can seem very normal to the next.

It's time to call Ami to congratulate her on six amazing years, wish her and PEP and YOU *many more, and share your most prized desires. Role play from any point of view, ask Ami to read you a saucy story, or invite Ami into your forest of erotic secrets. 

Ami was awesome in portraying my mother, in my mommy fantasy. She is just so good at expressing what a betrayed mother would feel ... [she] could win an Academy Award ... Ami has me reminiscing about our call all day today, and I get hard just thinking about it. I can’t wait to call her again tonight! -PEP Caller 

I’ve been calling Ami for several years now. Sometimes a PSO can get stale or repetitive after a period of time. Not Ami. Every call is a fresh, new experience. I have a few different fantasies I like to do, and Ami can accommodate each fantasy like a pro. When I dial up Ami, I know that she’s not just going to make me cum, but make me cum HARD. I’m very thankful that Ami does what she does, because no one does phone sex like Ami. -PEP Caller 

Your turn to enjoy the experiences only you and Ami can create together: call. Share. Cum HARD. You deserve it!