Goddess Reba on UNIFORMS - 05.06.19

Why do I love a man in uniform? As the child of a military man, & having been in the military Myself, it’s hardly a surprise that uniforms hold a special place in My heart. I suppose they speaks to that ultra primitive & primal part of My brain. There’s just something about starched fabric, shiny buttons, & broadened shoulders that adds up to a devastating (in all the right ways) combination.

To be sure there are a lot of men who have never worn a uniform who are wonderful, supportive, protective, strong, & reliable. But a man in uniform carries with him a profundity. Once upon a time, the movie industry found the formula that would appeal to the largest audiences: Hero saves girl & town; Hero then leaves the girl & town. In the early days of movie making, the hero wasn’t necessarily a military man but sometimes a swashbuckler or cowboy, or even a sheik. The sex symbols of yesteryear were just as varied as they are today, but the idea of the uniform crosses cultures and time.

In the world of BDSM, collars are a form of uniform, as are restraints, corsets, & old school lingerie. These items of clothing & jewelry communicate status & identity. And who hasn’t seen those iconic images of a Dominatrix all decked out in riding boots & close-fitting military style jacket? Uniforms are sexy, in their myriad of iterations. Uniforms can convey so many different emotions & ideals: Authority (Military or Police), Innocence (Catholic school girl), Care/ Nurture (Nurse or Doctor), Empowerment (Boss orExecutive), or Absolution/ Confession (Priest).

Whether you are a Dominant or a submissive, I’m willing to bet that somewhere there is a uniform that will catch your eye. For Me, uniforms are not dress up; they evoke a mindset. Whether you need Me to tear the uniform off you, or to stand over you in Mine, I understand your need.