Fortnight Highlight on Goddess Reba!


How long have you known that you're submissive? For how many years - decades - have you wished you could connect w/ a dominant woman, one who treasures your submission and pushes you to be your best self? How long have you known that your  sexuality is also spiritual, & centers on the Divine Feminine?

Call Goddess Reba & tell her. Tell her everything. About the first time you drank in the scent of a woman, the first time you touched silk to your skin, the first time you imagined being bent over & pounded by a strap-on wielding dominatrix. Tell Goddess Reba about your need to be exposed, teased, & trained. Express your masochistic side. Express the feminine w/in you. Find your place in Goddess Reba's Realm. That place has been ready for you for so, so long.

Now thru April 28th, get *more* time w/ Goddess Reba by treating yourself to her $84/ 45-min special (valid 1x). Ask Goddess Reba how you can best serve Her. Clean behind your ears, rinse your mouth, & begin: 765.438.8439.