Feb 11, 2020 PEP Perv Digest

PANTY boys, bois, sluts, fetishists, sniffers, take note: w/ Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to put on your favorite pair & call your PEP Lady! Our Ladies love men in panties, & have unique, fun panty preferences ...

We asked a smattering of our Ladies a probing lil panty question - enjoy their responses! 

REBA: Favorite color for panties? Black, like my soul ;)


GODDESS GISELLE: Favorite color for panties?  Purple—isn’t that obvious?!

AMI MERCURY: Favorite color for panties? Black. Casual and comfortable enough for every day wear, but undeniably sexy when caught, with your pants down … whether intentionally or unintentionally. wink

JUSTICEFavorite color for panties? I don't wear them.

HUNTERFavorite color for panties? No panties is my preference, but if I had to choose, black lace—tiny ones your teeth could pull off

KAYEFavorite colors for panties? For sissy bitches … pink. Definitely. For myself? I like all colors, except beige. If and when I choose to wear drawers, that is.

Wonder what the Ladies love in terms of fabrics? Dream of owning a pair of PEP Lady panties, or of secretly wearing a pair to work, under your suit, as so ordered by your Mistress? We embrace ALL panty fetishists, from age players to sissies, from humiliation sluts to spankos. Call & tell us all about it - you deserve to fulfill your panty needs!