Fear, Caged by Kristyna Dark


I see you! Is that what you have secretly craved and feared at the same time? Those three little words hold so much power.  We long to be truly seen but often hide out of fear. We allow fear to conquer and rule us. But fear is not our dominant, not when we face it. That sounds so easy, but I know exactly how difficult facing your fear really is.

A friend once told me that if you picture fear as being a one-eyed monster that you confidently walk up to and poke in that eye, it can no longer hurt you. It sounds foolish but it is effective. If you think about that monster as now wounded and unable to see you, the monster loses some of its power. Blinded, it can no longer feed itself, as it relies upon you for sustenance. Choose to let it starve. 

Take my hand and let me help you face that monster. I have faced it before, and it has fed upon me. That is, until I learned to face it head on, poke it in that eye, and tell it that it no longer has power over me.

What’s that? You’re not ready to poke the monster yet. I understand. Come and sit with me and tell me your secret fears. I can be brave enough for the two of us. Tell me your desire to be bent over my knee and feel the sweet sting of my hand as it comes sharply down upon the soft skin of your exposed buttock. Or would you rather we go shopping together so that I can pick the perfect feminine outfit for you? Let’s start with lingerie and work our way out. Maybe your fear is simply that no one actually hears you. I hear you and will always listen to every secret you wish to share.  I promise: whatever that secret fantasy contains, it is safe with me. I have caged the fear; it can no longer hurt you.  

Are you afraid of saying out loud for the first time the things that you desire most, the desire of things forbidden? The things that society claims are taboo? You can share them with me, I will never judge you. I will embrace who you are inside and celebrate each and every small step you take toward that monster. Together we will journey into the fantasy that has long awaited your arrival.

Travel with me as your guide through it all. Every step is less frightening when you have not only a guide, but also a companion on your journey. Whether I lead you or we walk together side by side, I will keep you safe.

All you need to do today is trust me enough to let me walk with you. You can do that, can’t you?