Dear PEP Callers - by Goddess Giselle - 01.03.20

Dear PEP Callers: To be wholly honest, I wasn’t sure how to approach writing this letter. I mean, it’s easy to talk about your fetishes, fantasies, and deep thoughts. But I had to dig deeper and really think about what I want you to know about me. Then I took a PEP call and it hit me. What I want to write to you about is one singular, critical piece: trust.

I want all of you to know that I hear you, and you can trust me. We live in a world where not everyone is allowed to express or be the person that they are. I am your safe space, a beacon of hope in an unforgiving world. I want you to feel invited to share whatever is on your mind, to feel safe and accepted no matter how taboo you feel your kink is. We all have deep dark spaces. I want to give you a place where it’s safe to shed your inhibitions.

I know, from experience, that to take your play to soaring levels, you must feel freedom within. I want you to understand I’m dedicated to not only your exploration, but also to helping you reach those places you’ve thought unattainable. Maybe you need to buy your first lipstick? First sex toy? Or maybe you need a gentle push to help you dive into your own dark pools of desire? I not only want to be your guide, I moreover love being your guide.  

I am committed to your journey. I am a “heavy hitter,” so to speak, and I’m sure that, sometimes, that can be scary. But I want the shy guy in the corner to know: I can be gentle with you. You are in good, experienced hands with me, while you explore and share. It’s okay to say no, or to not enjoy something. Learning about what you don’t like is also part of the journey, and I’m never going to judge you. I’m going to take your hand and let you lead me to your desires. We all change and develop, and I enjoy being privy to your growth. Where you are today may not be where you are tomorrow, and when you tell me your truth, I’m going to be proud of you.

Thank you for being with me on my journey, and, more importantly, thank you for allowing me to take part in yours. I hope you will continue to trust me to be your kinky tour guide in Fetish Wonderland. Talking with you has its own unique, scrumptious flavor; each conversation is a treat. When you open up to me, you make my day brighter and more meaningful. I am here to help you flourish, I am dedicated to holding onto your trust, and I enjoy every step we take, together, on your kinky journey.  

Goddess Giselle Thibodeaux 619.323.6321