Ami's Rave Reviews

The most things that I enjoyed about our conversation was that Ami was very intuitive. She always kept focused, and was ... flexible with me. She was very polite and very understanding. It's like my mind escaped me and went into her brain and she knew everything I was thinking and feeling at that moment. I'm really grateful and thankful to have that conversation with her today, it relieved a lot of stress and it brought me such such joy. There no room for improvement, she was very, very professional. Well done, well done.

I most enjoy Ami's gentle tone ... she values me.

Ami’s voice and way of guiding is incredible!

Ami and I did a kinky Mom/son spanking call. She was so sexy and so responsive. She completely immersed herself in my fantasy to the point where it was natural and not roleplaying. Smart, kinky, and intuitive describe her to a T. Thank you Ami!

I enjoyed Ami's willingness to indulge me in my innermost fantasies. She knows and understands the diaper fetish inside and out, and made me feel okay to be myself with her. It was positively wonderful. Ami knows diapers and she knows what makes someone who is into diapers go wild. What's even more grand and important is that she lets you explore your fetish in a very safe and caring environment because she truly understands how you feel. It was a wonderful intimate experience. I can't wait to have another call again with her soon! She is truly a gem!

How great Ami was! I had a few questions and Ami answered them well. She is very easy to talk to and she listens to everything. She really helps you understand things.

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