Ami's Rave Reviews

Ami took a combination of my real life experiences and added to them my fantasies and desires I had not thought about. She was incredibly empathic and understanding. I gained insight from her and experienced an incredible emotional release. Ami exceeded every expectation!

The role play was so nice. I would've bought more time w/ Ami if I could! Just great call, love how she has experience in abdl, I didn't have to explain it!

I’ve been calling Ami for several years now. Sometimes a PSO can get stale or repetitive after a period of time. Not Ami. Every call is a fresh, new experience. I have a few different fantasies I like to do, and Ami can accommodate each fantasy like a pro. When I dial up Ami, I know that she’s not just going to make me cum, but make me cum HARD. I’m very thankful that Ami does what she does, because no one does phone sex like Ami.

Just want to say how much I enjoyed our call, [Ami], you are the very best and I really loved our call. You voice makes it so easy to talk to you and I was wiped out after, ty again

[Ami was] Very exciting. [I most enjoyed] her sexy breathing.

Ami was awesome in portraying my mother, in my mommy fantasy. She is just so good at expressing what a betrayed mother would feel ... [she] could win an Academy Award for her realistic portrayal of a violated woman ... Ami has me reminiscing about our call all day today, and I get hard just thinking about it. I can’t wait to call her again tonight!

Mistress Ami was a total Femdom. She kept me in my place right where i belong. On my knees, training me to be her pain slut loser slave. Mistress Ami Mercury, you are the best!

[I most enjoyed] Ami's mothering.

[I most enjoyed] Ami's motherly aggression & Her motherly kindness.

Ami’s voice is very soothing, enticing, & she is an excellent orator.

Ami’s a wonderful treat, always willing to please as best she could :-) and she’s just pure awesome!

Miss Sera I just had best two Mistress call with Ami and Quin. I just wanted to say thank you as they played off each other amazing and definitely put me in my place. I have spoken with Mistress Ami and Mistress Quin [often] in the last two weeks and been having a great time ... I will for sure be calling more often as they pushed a lot of buttons. Congratulations [on] your hard work at PEP, it has paid off ... amazing series of calls the last couple of weeks! Finally I hope that Mistress Quin will be a PEP Leading Lady as I now belong to both of them as a loser blackmail bitch. 

[I enjoyed] everything!!! Mistress Ami gave me all I asked for and More. It was the perfect call, from Mistress to slave. It couldn't get any better!! Thank You, Mistress Ami Mercury I will never forget that call.

It was my 1st one on one [call] with Ami, she's fabulously creative, made me feel welcomed, such fun memories were made.

Ami handled the double team like a pro, she knew how treat the call while I enjoyed the splendid chemistry she has with Giselle. Ami is a wonderful PEP [Lady]!

Giselle and Ami were SuperCaliFragilisticly amazing, knew how to expand my imagination, equally satisfying and I’m still reeling from the Birthday Bash. Best duo call I’ve had!

[I most enjoyed Ami's] willingness to explore new areas. She understands just how to heal my spirit.

Ami is an absolute joy to talk to. I called her for my birthday treat, and she always delivers the sensual experience I long for. I have been into diapers my whole life, and it is so wonderful to share in a fetish with someone who genuinely enjoys it as much as I do. I feel like I can truly be myself with her and explore myself sexually in a way that I simply can't with most other people. The time I had with her was truly worth every penny, and I can't wait to do it again. Thank you Ami. You are a gem!

I have talked with Sera and Ami one on one. Today I talked with both at the same time, well I should say that they did most of the talking. They interact very well together and when it comes to dealing out punishment spankings they are both on the same page. They both want you to learn what you did wrong and why you are being disciplined. If you don't show them that you are sorry, they will make sure that you feel the bath brush real hard and they won't stop until you tell them that you are very sorry and if they don't believe you, you are going to get a lot more.

The most things that I enjoyed about our conversation was that Ami was very intuitive. She always kept focused, and was ... flexible with me. She was very polite and very understanding. It's like my mind escaped me and went into her brain and she knew everything I was thinking and feeling at that moment. I'm really grateful and thankful to have that conversation with her today, it relieved a lot of stress and it brought me such such joy. There no room for improvement, she was very, very professional. Well done, well done.

I most enjoy Ami's gentle tone ... she values me.

Ami’s voice and way of guiding is incredible!

Ami and I did a kinky Mom/son spanking call. She was so sexy and so responsive. She completely immersed herself in my fantasy to the point where it was natural and not roleplaying. Smart, kinky, and intuitive describe her to a T. Thank you Ami!

I enjoyed Ami's willingness to indulge me in my innermost fantasies. She knows and understands the diaper fetish inside and out, and made me feel okay to be myself with her. It was positively wonderful. Ami knows diapers and she knows what makes someone who is into diapers go wild. What's even more grand and important is that she lets you explore your fetish in a very safe and caring environment because she truly understands how you feel. It was a wonderful intimate experience. I can't wait to have another call again with her soon! She is truly a gem!

How great Ami was! I had a few questions and Ami answered them well. She is very easy to talk to and she listens to everything. She really helps you understand things.

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