Welcome to PEP

We're so thrilled you're here. 

What makes PEP, PEP? - take a listen! This recording features Sera, Hunter (on sabbatical), & Nina.

PEP is your safe harbor. Book a phone conversation, sexting package, or erotic email exchange, & talk about all of your desires & fetishes. We're here to listen, guide, & play w/ you - we don't pass judgment. At PEP, you are always safe to be yourself.

Our Ladies:

are genuinely interested in kink, fetish, BDSM, power exchange, & erotica

use actual pictures of themselves

approach all conversations with authenticity; many of our ladies are BDSM community leaders &/or educators, some are hypnotherapists, & all are comfortable with their sexuality

are directly reachable via their own phone numbers

await your call, for they love to talk about your fantasies and your experiences, relationships, memories, wishes, fears, & more.

We focus on creating intimate, trusting relationships. We honor that you tell us your secrets. At PEP, we believe that everyone has an inherent right to a shame-free life. Call us for phone sex, real connection, and for honest, taboo-free* conversation. You've waited so long. Call PEP. You deserve it.

Call the Ladies of PEP - Your Perversions Are Our Passion.


*In order to honor our commitment to taboo-free conversation, we cannot take payment on-line. Please call or text to arrange your PEP Connection.