VIP Reservation

We get it: you want to book your PEP call right now, and start it in 25 - 30 minutes. You want to get comfortable - perhaps naked - and relish the time you've booked. You don't want to risk your PEP Lady being on another call in 30 minutes, you want to know she'll be ready for you.

We're thrilled to introduce our new VIP Reservation Fee*. For $29, you can secure up to 30 minutes pre-phone call, during which time your PEP Lady will not answer the phone for anyone else. She'll be patiently (and eagerly) waiting for you and you only.

Go for it: call your PEP Lady and add a $29 VIP Reservation Fee to your PEP experience. 

It's always our pleasure to connect you to the experience of a lifetime.

*VIP Reservation Fees are non-refundable. Please note: they do not add time to your PEP call; they secure up to 30 minutes of waiting time.