Rave Reviews

Justice was wonderfully intelligent and creative ... [she]  was terrific!

Giselle is amazing. Erotic, sensual, and kinky. She listens to your interests and experiences and then constructs an incredible, hot, fulfilling session/discussion. I highly recommend that you call her and begin an incredible journey of kink and eroticism. I would love for [ourc call] to have been longer...but that's on me.

[I so enjoyed] everything! Emily was superb! She is fun, creative, great sense of humour, and made my toes curl up, among other things.

I spoke w/ Kristyna for 2 hours ... so enjoyed her intelligence, maturity, great voice ... [she] gets it. Highly recommend.

Goddess did everything I was hoping and wishing for. I was in mood for pain and that is exactly what I got plus the marks to remind me that Goddess Reba had been in control of me ... Ending with a pee session and getting my pussy pegged was what I needed and will remember to end another wonderful year with Goddess Reba. Thank you so much! ... Maybe 2020 will have to bring about a double Lady call ....

Talking to Emily was just an amazing time!

I received my first e-mail today from my Disciplinarian Miss Miles. She had to discipline me again, because she received a bad report from Miss Twilight about me. I did not enjoy it at ALL and I am not looking forward to tomorrow's e-mail ... (day two) Miss Miles sent my 2nd e-mail today. I have a sore bottom from yesterday's e-mail. Today my Disciplinarian out did herself AGAIN. There was some hard some med. some light, it did not matter they all HURT, my bottom is so tender that when my jeans rub against my bottom that hurts. I would love to see Miss Miles in person and be put over her lap an see just how hard a read discipline spanking from her would really be.

Dear Supreme Mistress Sera

Wow - I have to thank you for introducing me to Mistress Emily ... I must tell you I am so truly thankful for you hooking us two together, she is exactly what I have always wanted - completely. I feel most men have a great desire to be owned - used - and controlled by a woman and mine goes way past that. But again, thanks for Emily! I count the days until I can serve her either in public or private. 

Dear Sera, you gave me the strength to finally leave my wife and be happy ... your blonde hair ... grew on me as it grew and it is sexy as fuck ... Publish that you are a goddess and an emotional healer. I hope to talk to you soon. Again, you've healed me when everything else failed to do so and as a former psychotherapist I know what I'm talking about. You are so hot and on an emotional level I never knew existed. You have given me hope to be a better man and better partner to some future woman. I could just go on forever about the healing you've provided me. I have so many new questions and I know of no one better to ask than you. I know you'll be cool with me and so I love you for all as I can. Thank you for helping to free me.

Yes Goddess, You know me more than i do, i can’t live with out being your total toilet slave, serving and consuming your delicious toilet waste yummmy. Bless you Goddess REBA, with My respect ... slave b

I called and was in the mood for extreme beating and dress up. Giselle recognized my needs and had me doing hard core beating that left me hurt with pain in all the right spots ... An evening that will need to be repeated often and soon. The marks on my body the following day just got me wanting more ... maybe another call tonight? How's that sound to you Giselle ...

I just wanted to say that as of yesterday I have had the absolute pleasure and privilege to speak with each of the lovely ladies at peplove, each one in their own unique way and personal flavor have helped me not only understand my fetishes more but also how to expand more off of them and in their own way add to them as well. While my calls with each individual lady have been spread out over time, each one has left a lingering hypnotic spell that has always drawn me back and I shall return again hungry for more, keep up the excellent work ladies.

[I most enjoyed] ... everything, especially Reba's understanding of my need, and feeling put in my place by her. Goddess Reba was in control from the start, and I felt myself pulled into her completely. She is both warm and dominating, and fully aware of her erotic power. I helplessly gave myself over to her, and I'll definitely call back.

Sera Miles provides a truly amazing erotic experience. We went over a fantasy that I'd spent years thinking about, and she still turned our conversation into a cinematic setting that added new dimensions. It's far more than anyone could reasonably expect from phone sex.

Ms Sera is a gift from the Gods ... her mind is utterly amazing ... and her approach to the desires of another is incredible ...

I enjoyed how accepting Giselle was of my fetishes. She truly seemed to enjoy and embrace our discussion about them and my call finished with an amazing OG! [This was] a first time [and] call it went perfectly. Thank you Giselle!

Momma has helped me more in the past 9 years than psychotherapy ever did. Momma Sera, for real mommy, you have helped me to get over my trauma and accept myself for being overwhelmed by the ecstasy of sexual/emotional intimacy and accepting of my own loud sex noises (... saying this is so intimate and such a bonding experience).

I so enjoyed Kaye remembering who I was after not calling for a very long time. And then mostly how adept she is to quickly read your needs. We haven't spoken many times but each time has been wonderful.

Learah and I had such a wonderful conversation getting to know each other. When time came to play Learah knows all the right buttons to push and she pushed them hard ! My time with her was everything a good slut wants . I'll be back on the Team Learah - Thanks

The most things that I enjoyed about our conversation was that Ami was very intuitive. She always kept focused, and was ... flexible with me. She was very polite and very understanding. It's like my mind escaped me and went into her brain and she knew everything I was thinking and feeling at that moment. I'm really grateful and thankful to have that conversation with her today, it relieved a lot of stress and it brought me such such joy. There no room for improvement, she was very, very professional. Well done, well done.

I most enjoy Ami's gentle tone ... she values me.

I have had a specific fantasy that we’ve done a few times now and Sera just brings it more to life every time. Maybe someday I'll be able to try it for real but until then, Sera makes it feel real. I’m thinking I may call her right now, I’m excited just thinking about it!

Hunter really wasn't that good on the call. She was OUTSTANDING. She took the call and made it her own!

Reba was very helpful in talking through some things that were bothering me. Thank you.

I enjoy hearing Giselle's sexy voice ... and her wonderful laugh, and the power and control she has over me. And how I love obeying her every command, and love all her photos, and the one of her in the black leather skirt ... would love to worship that leather ass for hours mmmmmm on my knees. Thank you for your time and always enjoy talking with you Mistress and feeling your power ... 

How intelligent, caring and thought provoking Justice was. She was able to very quickly assess my needs and exceed my expectations. A natural and intoxicating woman that truly understands and knows what men need and want ...
I asked Sera if she could do a birthday call with me, she said yes and I will blister your bottom. Sera is a real true disciplinarian, she does not give a fun and playful birthday spanking, I found that out. A real disciplinarian like Sera will only give you a spanking that will really hurt and she will make sure of that. I have a very sore bottom today, but I am also happy that Sera is the way she is when it comes to giving out real discipline.
I received my 2nd e-mail from Sera last night. I knew it was not going to be an easy night for me, I was still very sore from the 1st e-mail. Right now I am a better boy thanks to Ms. Miles bare bottom discipline. I would LOVE to see Ms. Miles in person, I think she could really help me change my ways.
SERA sent me an e-mail. It does not matter if it's an e-mail or you are on the phone with her, she will come up with something new every time. I did not expect what I found in my e-mail last night and I was told to follow the instructions to a tee. I knew that Miss Miles meant every thing in that e-mail and I better do every thing in order or I will pay for it in the next e-mail. I am sitting here with a very sore bottom. I do not know how I am going to handle the next e-mail. One thing I do know is that Miss Miles will not go any easier on me in the next e-mail, I think it will only get worse.
I so enjoyed Justice's HOT abilities to engage my libido ...and desires ... 
Sera is the most amazing person I’ve ever met at making a detailed script come to life, it was virtually perfect!   If there is anyone better than Sera I haven’t met them. She is my favorite all time person to talk to about my fantasies, and I just wish she traveled east more often so I could have a live session with her. 
I confessed my weakness with Goddess Reba. My Kafkaesque predicament ... she was laughing a lot and beating me up verbally. She's GREAT!
I talked to Jazmin last night and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Based on what I perceived as her interests and experiences, I thought we wouldn't be compatible. Boy was I wrong. By the end, I was very happy, and she said, "Wow! I need to play Mommy more often! That was fun!" I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have a GREAT team!
Hunter was very attentive. Listened and was attentive. Her laugh is almost intoxicating. She was able to adapt as the session progressed. Excellent call.
Ami’s voice and way of guiding is incredible!
Ami and I did a kinky Mom/son spanking call. She was so sexy and so responsive. She completely immersed herself in my fantasy to the point where it was natural and not roleplaying. Smart, kinky, and intuitive describe her to a T. Thank you Ami!
Goddess Reba, when we were on the phone I felt a real connection to You. Like I wanted to love and worship You. For You to be Mother Earth, my Disciplinarian, taker of my virginity, i wanted to love worship and kiss Your glorious ass -- I went to bed thinking about You and woke up thinking about You. When You torture my ass and balls I am in heaven. I long for You to take me from behind and make me Yours.  I can't hide it or run from it ... It is time. Time for me to be a slave. Time for me to be Your slave.
It was 4 months from my last call with Miss Sera, my Disciplinarian. She was not happy with me and I had to learn the hard way what will happen when I don't check in with Miss Sera once a month. I find it a little hard to sit right now, I do not think I will miss my monthly discipline calls with Miss Sera ever again.
Giselle is smart and thoughtful. She is an interesting thinker and knows her stuff. I completely enjoyed speaking with her.
I truly enjoy the PEP newsletter ... Emily Lane has nipples and a body you can show with pride. I know looks are not a priority - sincerity is - but Emily is a dominant woman who's body is just gorgeous and it makes submissives drool - believe me, I know! 
I really enjoyed Giselle's voice. Her understanding that this was my first time calling a [phone] line. And her intuition of what I was into! Will definitely call again!
I would only change the length of the call as Lady Justice was a true enchantress.
[I most enjoyed] how much Giselle can make you laugh... but also suffer for her and feel the pain she gives to you; and she understands the things you like and don't like. It was a great call.

Mistress knows how to bring out the best in me ... during our conversations. It was one of The Best calls I've had with PEP. A dark stormy night and Mistress and I had decided that an outdoor session was in order, all safe on porch as the elements were nasty. Mistress ordered me to be nasty also!! I will treasure the time together and can't wait for The Slut in me to be back serving Goddess Reba.

[I most enjoy] the freedom I feel when talking to Giselle, the connection and control ... total submission ... I'd love to have 3 PEP Ladies on a call! 
Giselle has a way of taking the info I give her, and making everything work. I have very creative fantasies, and she makes me come every time.
I hadn't spoken to Justice before and thought I'd give her a try. My fantasies and interests are more on the lines of domestic discipline and less on traditional BDSM. Though not naturally shy, I tend to have difficulty in voicing what is in my head.  I had always thought that maybe she and I would not be compatible.  Boy was I wrong! Justice is a fantastic listener and fantasy creator. She can be caring, nurturing, strict, and sensual all at the same time.  She helped to bring my scenario to life and 45 minutes went by in what seemed like 15.  She became my strict Auntie who punished me like the naughty boy that I am and always will be.  I can't wait to speak to her again!
I enjoyed Ami's willingness to indulge me in my innermost fantasies. She knows and understands the diaper fetish inside and out, and made me feel okay to be myself with her. It was positively wonderful. Ami knows diapers and she knows what makes someone who is into diapers go wild. What's even more grand and important is that she lets you explore your fetish in a very safe and caring environment because she truly understands how you feel. It was a wonderful intimate experience. I can't wait to have another call again with her soon! She is truly a gem!

I most enjoyed the fact that Giselle already knew what I was looking for just from a brief introduction with each other. I had a great time with Giselle and she made me shoot at least seven volleys of cum all over my steering wheel! Scouts Honor. Lol!

Reba's perfect breasts are twin towers of passion and delight. Her beautiful girls have a mind of their own. - WM

Aunt Sera was great again. Any role she takes on, she has no problem being that person by the time the call is over you think that the session was real. To see Sera in person would be great or it could be your worst nightmare. Sera is the best, she understands what DISCIPLINE really is and what PUNISHMENT is. If you ever get to see her in person you will leave with a very SORE bottom.

Super solid advice on Reba. She was really fun. I came so hard I saw stars. And the toys she had me use will have me walking gingerly all evening LOL. You guys are the best.

Sera is so detailed it’s unbelievable, and she makes it so real. There is no one better than sera in my opinion I didn’t think it was possible for a phone call to be that real.

All I can say about Miss Miles is OMG. If anyone is looking for a REAL DISCIPLINARIAN she is the one to call. Miss Miles can be so strict and stern, and she will make you understand why you are being disciplined. When she feels you have learned your lesson then and only then the discipline is over. Believe me: you do not want to talk back to her, or not address her as Miss Miles or Ma'am.

I called The Goddess twice on The Solstice. The first time we surveyed my fetishes and agreed that I was weak. She taunted me as I came and hung up on me. Thank you Goddess! The second time I called was later in the day. She answered my call coldly and told me it was not a surprise that I would call again. Called me a maggot! I was hurt and humiliated in a most complete way, I can hardly move. I will be calling the amazing Reba again and again. --maggot

Goddess Reba is teaching me how to be a good sissy slut and I luv it and My Mistress! 

Kaye is very easy to talk to and shows real interest. She loves to share laughs and makes you feel good about yourself ... really enjoyed her zest for life, and Kaye really knows her stuff!

So Emily, clothespins, a belt, and her sexy voice made for a great call. :) Wonderful hour with her.

Sera gives the most intense sessions. In session all my needs and desires are met. She weaves a story so sensual that I am able to experience two climaxes at times, as was the case today. Such intense physical and emotional pleasure and she gives it so freely and completely.

You have professional [women] that understand the psychology of submission rather than just offering "phone sex." PEP has been around for many years. What I think I and others probably value most is the sincerity and intelligence of the women. Most individuals are extremely discreet with their kinks. To have this sanctuary is priceless.

I very much enjoyed speaking with Giselle. She was very open and honest and I felt like she truly cared about me and my situation. I look forward to speaking with her again.

How much I like her laugh! She is very nice to talk with and I look forward to talking with Mistress Giselle again. She is very special Lady, she makes you laugh, and also makes you hurt ... smiles

Mistress Giselle ... identified my kinks and fetishes and has started to make plans for my future. That future will revolve around her and I hope I will be of use to her and others. Mistress Giselle is a life dream come true. I see a long history in the future of me serving at her pleasure.

Sera, I just wanted to tell you that our call last week was unbelievable. The fact that you remember me was amazing in itself since I don't think we've spoken in years. You are such a genuine person and I love speaking with you, you do phone fantasies like no one I've ever heard. You are so good at following the exact fantasy that I'm thinking of. I just felt that I had to let you know how great you are. Thanks again!

I love Emily's voice and sexy body and face. She is the best. She lives it in real life. I love her so much. Mistress Emily is outstanding. She is very sexy and imaginative!

Reba was stellar. Fucking. Stellar. Among the best ever.

For her being the new kid on the block she went way above! I felt like she was right out of the 40s, she was so strict and stern. Justice knows how to get inside of your head and make you feel that this is very real.

How well Mistress Giselle trained me and punished me for messing up and being a bad boy. She got my butt so red and I enjoyed her punishment so much and to feel pain for her was so good. This Lady knows her stuff so very well, I would recommend her to anyone. She is so amazing and there is no other like Giselle, and I look forward to pleasing her again on my knees.

Giselle made me feel very comfortable chatting. She is an awesome Lady. She makes you laugh and have fun!

Justice is a woman of the world. She speaks intelligently on so many topics. Her attention to detail about the topic of the call is incredible. The rustle of a skirt, the touch of a finger nail, the cool taste of a freshly poured drink are made to seem as if she is sitting at a corner table beside you. Great call! 

Emily was simply wonderful on all levels. I felt so comfortable being vulnerable to her. She was so sweet, caring, and able to appreciate and anticipate the depth of what I couldn't put into words. Certainly patient and very deep thinking, she is truly a Goddess!

Giselle is both intelligent and sexy. I was referred to her, due to her expertise with age play, older aunt, naughty nephew, etc. Simply put this is something she excels at. Just the right amount of strict discipline and motherly love. Giselle is quite the treasure, spoil yourself today!

How great Ami was! I had a few questions and Ami answered them well. She is very easy to talk to and she listens to everything. She really helps you understand things.

What started out as a introductory call went much, much longer as I found Justice to be open minded, intelligent, and knowledgeable. She had that sisterly demeanor that helps guide the fantasy story.

Mistress Emily was so sweet and strict. She got me all hard while locked in chastity. Will call again.

Giselle is lots of fun and an expert fantasy creator. Don't let her sweet disposition fool you. She is fully capable of taking naughty boys in hand!

Emily [is] wonderfully creative [...] very intelligent conversation. Would highly recommend.

Emily was absolutely sweet and empathetic to my nervousness. When we we're playing as well, absolutely wonderful and a sensually, sexy time. 

Kaye is an incredible listener and a pleasure to talk to. I felt very comfortable revealing my inner most secrets to her and delighted as she made them come to life. I will definitely be calling her again.

While new to this line of work, Reba exhibited a great ability and confidence, as if she was a natural, born for this work. Perhaps its her maturity or past experience as a pro dom, it does not really matter for she is gifted. She has a maternal sense of caring for a callers' needs and takes the time to get to know and understand one's inner sub space. Once she has accomplished this, watch out, as she makes her stories feel so real. She clearly enjoys her craft and I am sure will only get better with time ... What started as a one hour call ran over 2 hours ... She is a keeper that I highly recommend for even the most experienced, demanding, and complex callers. I have been a PEP client since the early 1990s and know what I am talking about!

Ms Buckley cares about people. Wow very easy to talk to. I really loved sharing  ... made me feel so much better ... loved kneeling before her massaging her feet!

Ms Sera or as I like to call her, "Mommy Sera," let me explore my adult male school boy ball player side as well as my female side, and especially my female baby side. Very relaxing, refreshing, amazing ... Sera allowed me to embrace all sides of me.

Giselle was a school teacher, it was like I was really back in school all over again. She really knows how to deal with a bad student.

I love PEP, great staff and team of Ladies who care about me and their callers. Tremendous! A plus plus rating! Just be yourself, guys, the PEP Ladies will take you to new levels and wow you will be satisfied.

Giselle is always attentive and on point, always knows what I'm looking for. I would recommend her to anyone!

Emily is one naughty mamma. I love her. Very good call. I would sing her praises anywhere!

Giselle was recommended by Sera and she was right on: intelligence and maturity, took the time to get to know my kinks and delivered!

WOW! Much more than anticipated! My dreams and then some ...

[I loved] Goddess Giselle's lovely voice and delicious imagination ... I would love to be in physical presence, to feel her lash. Seriously, Goddess Giselle was perfect ...

Just recently I did a call with new Lady Giselle and just goes to show what I have know for 15 yearsthe Ladies of PEP truly care about you, your needs, and the lifestyle. Every PEP Lady I have had the pleasure of doing calls with really knows how to make a orgasm a powerful liberating experience! Bless all the Ladies of PEP as they are worth every dollar spent, an investment in physical and mental health! I love PEP and couldn't imagine life without the beautiful caring PEP Ladies to love me to teach me, to guide me, to expand my horizons.  I will be a client for life!

I am so aroused and have been a follower for quite a while. You guys are so real and as a result such a turn on.  Real women keeping it real. 

PEP is one of the most wonderful web sites for the Kinky Fetish life style I've ever found. It's helped so many people who are in need for counseling. The Ladies of PEP have the wisdom and the knowledge to guide their clients. I feel so honored to be one of PEP's clients.

Giselle is an amazing person and an incredibly intelligent woman.  I can't say enough great things about her.

For over 20 years now, PEP Ladies have offered me friendship, acceptance, and understanding far beyond any kink I may embrace. It's the kindness of their people that has always impressed me so.

I am truly grateful for PEP and for all the Lady counselors. I appreciate the fact that PEP has kept its prices steady over the years.

Goddess Giselle was thoughtful and took time to get to know me, I loved it.