Rave Reviews

Giselle is a True Beauty, Domme, and Goddess in one! Her voice definitely made my toes not only curl , but sexually powerful enough for me to have another orgasm. Thank you Goddess Giselle!

Goddess Reba was very focused to detail, and knew how to lead and direct me to a very satisfying climax. How subtle and easy her voice went from playful to stern as I begged for my spankings, and rewards.

Nina's imagination should weaponized. So good!

Such a mind blowing fun with Ms. Lane, she kept the energy going while expanding my fantasy a little bit. Such a playful minx!

I most enjoyed being put in my place by Goddess Reba. She relishes her control and making me weak for Her. I've known Her for a while, and Her control and dominance have increased over time, so that I now think of Her as owning me. I've embraced this reality. I need it, and I need Her.

[I enjoyed most] Giselle's sense of romance and true eroticism. It could not have been better. Exquisitely erotic. Giselle is a versatile and delightful phone lover.

[I most enjoyed] the way she sensed what I wanted. Kristyna provided me with an exquisitely sweet, truly erotic experience.

She was nice, no degradation, nothing that made me feel uncomfortable. [Goddess Giselle] seemed like [a] dom who could do a lot of painful stuff, and cuddle you afterwards.

Mistress Giselle made me her Property. I should have booked longer. Mistress Giselle took total control over her slave and never let go.

Sera, You are such an amazing, understanding and caring Woman. I appreciate you so much and thank you for that special time.

It was a "getting to know you" call, and Giselle was amazing. She never rushed or clock watched, and was cool with me laying out an interesting scenario in text and took the time to view reference pics. I loved the sound of her voice, and the attention to detail she took. I have a not so common fetish that is pretty fantastical, and she took the time to learn about it, and also picked up on all the beats. I really liked how she created environments, and made me feel like I was there. She is very agile, and picks up on subtle moans and knows what is working and what isn't. I also love her imagination, and if you are a fan of 80s horror, she is the Domme for you!

Such chemistry from these delightful women (Sera & Giselle), had a grand time. Nearly had trouble not exploding when things really heated up!

I did my second double call with Giselle and Lola again today. Once again, I sent along my thoughts on scenarios that I would find enjoyable on our call. In true form, they took the time to read what I had sent and then conspired to make it their own for the call. Giselle texted ahead of time to make sure I was ready for the call, knowing I had things I wanted to have on and ready. These two young ladies truly do a great job feeding off each other during these calls and I HIGHLY recommend their services.

It was a call l always dream about. I never want to go back, Mistress Sera Miles is soooooooo good, I'll be her slave forever.

I had my first double PEP Lady call today with Lola D and Giselle. Sera highly recommended both of them to work together and was she ever correct. I had provided a bit of a fantasy/fetish story that I was hoping to experience, a few hrs before our scheduled call. Both Ladies reviewed what I had submitted and then made it their own for our call. They both put together such an awesome scenario, it was everything I could do to last as long as I did. Whether you are looking for a single call or want a great experience with two ladies, I highly recommend both Lola and Giselle ... Let either/both of these ladies work their magic and you should enjoy one heck of a kinky time!

I really appreciate the newsletter - wow - it is always hot - but most of all I have to say thank you for directing me to Ms Emily Lane. It is truly a highlight of my life - thanks to HER, I am approaching the last leg of a long journey.

Winter has one of the most devious minds on the other end of a phone line. No matter where you want to go, she eagerly follows. More often that not, she already knows the way! - Dennis Blanford

Had a fantastic sext start with the fabulous Ms Miles, such a deviant mind. Had to control myself not to cum during the juicy parts but she makes the sexting worth the price, can’t get enough of her.

It was my 1st one on one [call] with Ami, she's fabulously creative, made me feel welcomed, such fun memories were made.

[I most enjoyed] Her wisdom and her beautiful laughter. I have not talked to Mistress Giselle in a while, it was great to hear her sexy powerful controlling voice, one you would never forget. And to talk all about her leather and latex clothes mmmm ... to be able to kiss and smell all that leather. You'll be in heaven ... She is always good to me with her control and punishment mmmmmmm. Mistress Giselle, keep up the great work, you are the best ...

Mistress Justice is obviously one with the universe in Her understanding of the weaknesses inherent in all special sissies. From being a mere size queen, Goddess Justice morphed me into Her addicted, horse cock craving fuck pig, merely by the sound of Her siren's voice. Proceed at your own risk with this One, the force is strong in Her ...  I've always enjoyed my relationship with PEP over the years (decades), nice, sincere, people, and relationships unavailable elsewhere. 

Enjoyed round 2 with Giselle, felt excited, aroused, She’s a bundle of fun. Can’t wait to “visit” her next month. Keep up the good work, definitely enjoying some of the specials!

Mistress Twilight is quite the beguiler.

and thanks for all you do.

this is vital and hot.

[I most enjoyed] being Mistress Sera Miles' slave. Mistress has total control over Her slave labor!

Ami handled the double team like a pro, she knew how treat the call while I enjoyed the splendid chemistry she has with Giselle. Ami is a wonderful PEP [Lady]!

Giselle and Ami were SuperCaliFragilisticly amazing, knew how to expand my imagination, equally satisfying and I’m still reeling from the Birthday Bash. Best duo call I’ve had!

One of the best, most consistent PEP Ladies I have ever spoken to. Adapts effortlessly to any request or scenario. In addition to making you feel like you’re the only person in the world when you’re talking to her. Can’t recommend Kristyna Dark highly enough.

Ms Miles was my first 1st PEP [call], the fact of her being the [owner] of the Company made my fantasy even better, we had such a wicked time in her office. Lookin' for a proper office themed romp? Ms Miles is highly recommended.

I truly love your newsletter and I love looking at the women in it - but ... I belong to Mistress Emily Lane. It [is] my honor and privilege to serve and service [Mistress Emily] any way I can.

Hunter took the time to find out what I was looking for and then took me there in a devastating fashion lol. Excellent chat!