Rave Reviews

Didn’t think it was possible to top the 1st call with Miss Sera but omg it was awesome! I love being hers.

Last evening I had a very nice conversation with Sera, and, she had my cock throbbing as She indulged my dark and perverted  thoughts of incest, bdsm, and [more]. I highly recommend that if anyone is into the perverse that they call Sera before She leaves the [PEP] lines for good! Her interests are your interests. Don't delay!!!

Giselle is an Alpha Female who understands the nuances of the human mind, the sensitive mind, the subservient mind, the male mind. Her hypnotic verbal enigmas form a slippery yet sticky, soft yet riveting, dizzying but quietly thrilling, ever-thickening, strength sapping web in which one's thought process becomes hopelessly entangled, depleting the will to extricate the soul, sublimating & refocusing one's increasingly exhausted efforts to escape into supporting only her desires, as one struggles with less and less enthusiasm to become free.

It was one of the best calls I ever had! I lived being Miss Sera's slut, and wish I had called her sooner and am sorry I waited so long to call! This call I will think and dream about for a long time, and I can still feel her sting ...

I have spoke with Mistress More several times this month. She is refreshing, bold, very candid about herself, and sexy as hell. I could not get enough. One of my goals is to see every one of her videos. An amazing woman! Do whatever you can to please Alex and to make her happy. She is superb! 

Giselle has given me encouragement to become the kind of submissive that I have longed to be, toilet and a giver of my flesh to the pleasures of pain and suffering! I truly enjoy sharing these subjects with a kinkster like Giselle. I shall continue to call her ...

Everything, I enjoyed everything! But mostly the sound of Miss Quin's voice, and her personality, everything was great!

Giselle was great! I love to be dominated, she delivered. So sexual! 

I was drawn in by the photo: tiny waist and carefully fitted corset with gorgeous cafe au lait skin Omg! She is smart and self aware and took me to femdom paradise without ever raising Her voice. Thank you Ms. Giselle for a wild ride in the morning!!!

Call was awesome! Miss Quin took me to a place I loved, where I had to be her cum slut and it was just a great call! I might have wanted longer, but not sure how much longer I could have lasted, she is so great! I so loved this call and being her cum slut and hope to call again.

Goddess Vivian is a fantastic story teller and did a great job understanding my interests. It didn’t hurt that our interests were so similar. The best thing about about our call was how genuine she is and how special you feel when talking to her.

I shared my secret desire to be a fully trained toilet, and Giselle gave me advice and encouragement to fulfill my ultimate goal!

Goddess REBA understand my needs more than i do, she know exactly where i belong and she degrades and humiliates me the right way and always knows where to push my limits and bring out the best in me as her property total toilet slave. i love every second of it.

Nina’s imagination and enthusiasm are infectious. I always feel like she has enjoyed the call as much, if not more, than I have. And I always enjoy it A LOT!

I had an amazing call with Mistress Alex! My ass was worked in more ways than one, my nipples are sore and choking on a dildo was so hot. I will be sure to bring more clothespins next time. Thank you so much! 

Ami took a combination of my real life experiences and added to them my fantasies and desires I had not thought about. She was incredibly empathic and understanding. I gained insight from her and experienced an incredible emotional release. Ami exceeded every expectation!

Godess Giselle is amazing. She is very approachable and friendly, and we had a great time exploring CBT. Really glad I called!

I have had a few calls now with Goddess Vivian and it's worked out great! She makes the call as close to the real thing as possible. She'll go as mild and sensual or as strict as you want. Nothing is too intimate to talk to her about, and she gets you excited AND relaxed at the same time. I'm already looking forward to callling her again. We've had some great conversations, sometimes just plain talking, sometimes intimate and erotic, of course. So that's the deal! The way she does the call, you feel like you're there with her. It's been so pleasurable ... thank you!

Goddess was awesome, I loved every min of it! I will feel it in my cock and balls for days! Thank you, Goddess Reba,  I loved it so much esp how my pain made you so happy. 

Love [Giselle's] wit and intelligence. Her confidence is a constant.

"[I most enjoyed] having Justice verbalize all my fantasies. I just wish I could live out my kinks live instead of over the phone! I know thats not possible:) but a sub/slave can dream can't he? LOL"

I'm literally passing out. This was the greatest session we've ever done by far but I can't keep my head up. Let's hold it there and pick it up next time, Kristyna. It was AMAAAAZING!

Vivian is a psychological locksmith. She'll open up your mind and find out what's really in there. You may be surprised what she finds. I was!

The roleplay was so nice.I would’ve bought more time w/ Ami if I could!Just great call, love how she has experience in abdl, I didn’t have to explain it!

You know, Kristyna, I am so enamored of your mind and generous ability to tailor your imagination to my desires.

I love this email series so much, Mistress Sera. They are the most exciting you have done for me to date! 

Mistress is awesome, my second call with her and it just gets better. Today not only did I suffer pain for her, I got fucked like the sissy I am for her, I will being feeling the effects of today’s call for days. Thank you, Mistress Justice

Everything ... Mistress Sera has so much power and control on you and is not afraid to say what is on her mind. This Lady is so Elegant and powerful. You never want to stop talking to her ... just kneel at her pretty painted toes and obey all her commands.

Mistress Giselle is a wonderful woman, she talks about anything: Kink, Vanilla, and helps you with things that bother you. She was a great help to me a while back ... I would not change anything about this very powerful and controlling Lady.

SHE is demanding, seductive, EVIL, and alluring ... not to mention ready to enforce HER will and commands ... Goddess Reba ...!