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Be Gloriously Trained, Beheld,
and Owned by Sensual Sadist Vanesa!






















You crave to be owned. Pushed. Rewarded. You imagine your Mistress’ face alight in desire—pleased to see you triumphing past your limits. In your reveries, your Mistress’ voice tinkles like a bell, rings with delight as you whimper and whisper, then scream, your submission. You yearn for Mistress Vanesa.

Lifestyle dominant with degrees in both sociology and psychology, Mistress Vanesa understands the intricacies of your longings. Her lilting, feminine voice will draw out the most secret parts of you, until you are laid bare, exquisitely exposed and ready for her precise and measured attention. What might her attention include? Oh, a smattering, or all, of the following kinky activities, which Mistress Vanesa deems her favorites:

Tease & Denial
Panty play
Foot worship
Breath play (including foot smothering)
Cock and ball torture
Strap-on slut training
Bondage, including pantyhose bondage and mummification
Corporal (spanking, cropping, paddling)
Golden showers and similar “cocktails”
Sensory deprivation
Vibrators (want to hear Vanesa’s? Ahem. BEG.)
Nipple torture
Pantyhose play

Intensely creative Mistress Vanesa will have you pleading for more, and she can view anything you possess as a toy. Vanesa loves touring the hardware store—why, it’s full of clasps, rope, and padlocks; ratchets, wrenches, and hammers of all sizes; collars and leashes! After you play with Mistress Vanesa, you’ll never look at your surroundings quite the same way again.

Sensual domination is my way of life, says Mistress Vanesa. Nothing pleases me more than for you to relinquish your very self to me. Your willing gift of submission brings me pleasure. Training with me is based on operant conditioning theory. This method of Female Domination achieves the most long-lasting results. And, this method of discipline allows me to focus on you. While in training, you will be the focus of my curiosity, as well as of my perverse attention. When you call, adds Mistress Vanesa, you will realize that my acute sense of hearing enables me to hear the distinct timbres of your voice, as I put you through your paces. Your voice tells me you are locked in an embrace with me—as you feel yourself bound to my command, unable to speak rationally—locked in a trance, from which you are powerless to extricate yourself. Your release? It will come—as I vocally command you to orgasm for me. Bind yourself to her voice—for you’ve needed to, all along. Call Mistress Vanesa.

(541) 440-6696



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