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Perverted and Proud Princess Delivers Pain
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When I was a little girl, my mother used to say, “What do you think you are, a princess?” When I got involved in the scene, I decided she was right. I DO think I’m a princess!

Proud sadistic pervert Princess Lynne has been in the scene since 1981. A wealth of knowledge, experience, and evil laughter, Lynne adores:

• Masochists who find irresistible the pain she loves to administer

The sadist in Princess Lynne finds cock and ball torture endlessly erotic. I’m a true sadist, Lynne says, meaning I get an enormous sexual thrill from inflicting pain. Whipping, spanking, and nipple torture also top Princess Lynne’s list of pleasures—pain for you, after all, equals bliss for the Princess.

• Sissy girls, be they sugar and spice and everything nice, or open-legged sluts

Transvestites, cross-dressers, and sissies hold a special place in Princess Lynne’s perverted heart. Lynne even has a closet devoted to clothes for her special girls. Ready for girl time—make-up and hair and dress up?

• Role plays that involve bizarre fantasies and hypnosis

I’ve enjoyed being an interrogator of spies, a hypnotist, a governess, an executioner, and more. Princess Lynne looks simply menacing in her nun’s outfit—she’ll take you right back to Catholic school, where straps and rulers and canes, wielded with firm hands, taught you memorable lessons.

• Slaves who possess an attitude of service and devotion

Whipping a slave into shape is simply wonderful! says Princess Lynne. The on-going process of slave training, from toilet service to dildo play, feeds Princess Lynne’s divinely dominant personality.

From the first time I entered the Hellfire Club in New York City, says Princess Lynne, I knew I’d found my true place in the world. Since that time, the SM/BD scene has been the center of my social life. When I joined PEP, the scene became the focus of my professional life as well. I’m a very lucky lady indeed!

Call Princess Lynne for wise advice and delicious fantasies! In-person sessions available!

Psst! Are you local to Baltimore/DC? Visiting? Princess Lynne hosts two groups in the area that meet monthly.

“Your MAMA,” for dominant ladies and those who love them, meets on the third Monday of every month at 7pm. Message Princess Lynne for details. You can also keep up with Your MAMA on FetLife:

“Women Rule Parties” occur monthly, for dominant women and those who love them. Message Princess Lynne for details. You can also keep up with Women Rule on FetLife:

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